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run defense.. the "best D line in the league"..etc

  • So we let Rubin go.. went with just 3 DTs.. built to stop the pass.

    Now, we cant stop the run for a full game. and we dont really get that much pressure. 4 sacks in the first half vs. the Packers..then none after that.. 3 last week.. no sacks today.

    2 turnovers in 3 games.. none today. I thought we were supposed to be awesome and pressure the QB into bad throws, etc.

    Its not 2 seasons and 3 games since weve been a team that creates turnovers. I resisted the idea before but overall Im starting to believe indeed the league has caught up to us. We can still stop a team that plays to our strengths..but everyone is now patient against us and they can also now run on us by the 4th quarter.

    This is just one loss..Im not worried about one loss..but its 3 games into the season...

  • We left the defense on the field too long in the first half IMHO; that has to affect our D performance later in the game. While I too was disappointed in our 2nd half defense, I wasn't surprised by it Another thing that bothered me was the amount of penalties we accumulated. We gave them like 6 first downs on penalties...unacceptable!

    What I did like today was our offense starting to come together. Once RW got over his 'yips' we moved the ball well.

    Next week is another game...Go 'Hawks!

  • 110-degree heat doesn't help our boys who've grown accustomed to 65-degrees and overcast.

    For sure the defense has looked great through the first two games with moments of pause but Richard's Defense is showing a weakness and killer instinct. The defense only had 2 pressures all game. TWO!

    This is a road game and until we lose at home I'm going to say we are still on the right path.

  • It's been three games and the D is coughing up touchdowns that they normally wouldn't allow.

    Thoughts? I'm stumped. I don't think it's the heat.

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