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Hey, we won.

  • Was it pretty? Mostly not. Is it super encouraging? Not necessarily. But it's a goddam W and a W is better than an L any day of the week IMO. And particularly on Sunday. One to build on. So here's to hoping they actually build on it.

  • @zeb-stark

    Goddam W, Goddam right.

  • Would have been awesome to get an old time "get right beat down " style win, but anyway you do it a win counts the same.

    It's a marathon not a sprint and any number of clichés fit.

    On to Tennessee!!

  • Ugly wins truly still a win.

    In hindsight, this game should have been a blowout in favor of Seattle if not for big drops; 2 in the end zone and another to extend the game.

    Those are not OL, Wilson, personal, coaching or philosophy issues. Straight drops cost this team points.

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