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Week 2 vs. San Francisco 49ers (0-1)

  • Seahawks open at CenturyLink against the Niners.

  • Looking for a strong game from the team.

    I think Defense will not let the Miners score more the 6 points.

    Offense will come out strong in the run game and run them down.

  • If we don't win this game going away then we are in bigger trouble than I thought. I need us to score 3-4 touchdowns. So here's to a real trouncing. Go Hawks!

  • Lacy inactive. Go 'Hawks!!

  • Not looking good. Still can't punch it in the Red Zone. Sigh.

  • Be happy, don't worry...

  • Told ya; never a doubt! LOL!

  • Never a doubt......however.....

  • Positive-Chris Carson is MANNN!!!! Other than a broken play giving Hyde one long run-The D still looks good.
    However, the O Line is still awful.

  • Yes, looks like we have found ourselves a running

  • I went to this game with my dad. I treated him to the Seahawks game and he treated me to the Huskies game the night before.

    After realizing that I'm an old man surrounded by young college kids and older alumni I got super bored after UW just trounced Frenso State. Made be realize that I just don't care as much about college football because they get to schedule the Jets, Browns and Jaguars of the NCAA for their non-conference games.

    And then this game happens that I was so annoyed at the offense and the dropped balls. The Defense continued to ball out and look great but the Offense is giving them a razor thin margin of error by not scoring TDs. I asked my dad what he thought and we both mused at the offense that UW could generate at-will while the Seahawks were lucky to string together more than two first-downs in a single series...

    And that's when my biggest frustration comes through... they go no-huddle and just march down the field and score a TD. I'm cheering through clenched fists at this point.

    Happy they won but I won't be able to look at this game until tomorrow. Normally I'd rush home and rewatch it.


  • @sammyc521 said in Week 2 vs. San Francisco 49ers (0-1):

    I asked my dad what he thought and we both mused at the offense that UW could generate at-will while the Seahawks were lucky to string together more than two first-downs in a single series...

    UW probably pays their O line better than we do.

  • Winners:

    • 4th QTR QB Russell Wilson - GW winning TD, nuff said.
    • RB Chris Carson milks the clock and helps the offense on the game-winning TD. Also had good passblock in his opportunities.
    • Defense - Restricted the 49ers to just 9 points; Run Defense had missteps that allowed the Niners to gain a lot of yards on the ground.
    • CB Richard Sherman - Played the game with a sore hamstring, continues his starting streak and recovered Wagner's fumble after the INT.
    • Tyler Lockett the WR - Played very well in space and should have seen some more deep routes
    • Seahawk Rookies - Carson, Darboh, Jones, & Griffin all played well throughout the game.
    • Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell - Execution failed the team more than the play calling; put his players in a place to win.
    • TE Luke Willson played well in Graham's absence; caught all his targets.
    • OL gave Wilson enough time to throw more times than not and helped the offense score the GW TD and milk the clock in the 4th QTR.
    • WR Paul Richardson - scored the game-winning TD with stitches in his finger. Caught a ball that was thrown out of bounds which would have been their biggest gain all day.
    • DE Frank Clark & DE Michael Bennett - Clark was robbed of a sack when they gave the Niners a TO after he beat the tackle and caused a fumble. Had great pressure all game.
    • CB Jeremy Lane - Saved a TD on the long Hyde run. Played great in coverage too.


    • 1st-3rd QTR QB Wilson - Took too many sacks and missed too many throws. Two drops in the endzone killed all momentum and opportunity for points. On the first two drives the Seahawks drove the length of the field but missed players in the endzone.
    • Drops - 1 drop by WR Tanner McEvoy in the endzone, 1 drop by RB CJ Prosise at the 1-yard line, 1 drop by WR McEvoy for an easy 3rd-down conversion in the 3rd (would have gotten the Seahawks to the SF 28, they end up punting), 1 drop by TE Jimmy Graham for a first-down on the initial drive after a hit, 1 drop by RB Prosise on 3rd & 3 (would have been zero-gain unless he jukes the LB),
    • RB Thomas Rawls - He still does not look healthy and was entirely ineffective. Didn't looks good in pass-protection either.
    • Tyler Lockett the PR/KR - Did almost nothing in the return game.
    • Special Teams - Walsh went 2/2 on FG attempts but missed a PAT that meant the Niners could have only kicked a FG to tie the game late. Coverage teams didnt play amazing in their lanes. Multiple holding penalties against them in returns.
    • DT Rotation - Not sure if the Seahawks can continue to have only three DTs on this roster; may have affected the run-defense.
    • Officials - Not for their flags but robbed FS Earl Thomas of a Sack and Safety in the end of the 3rd. Would have been his first sack at any football level. They also called a false start on the Center Justin Britt.

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