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JJ Abrams to write/direct Star Wars IX

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    From Engadget:

    It's only been a week since Colin Trevorrow left (or was forced out of) the director's seat for Star Wars: Episode IX, but a familiar replacement is already lined up. J.J. Abrams, who you may know from such films as the Star Trek reboot, Super 8 and a little film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be writing and directing Episode IX. It's a very safe and familiar choice -- Abrams did an admirable job handling The Force Awakens, skillfully reviving the series after George Lucas' reviled prequel trilogy. Of course, there was also criticism that he played it too safe and essentially remade A New Hope, but all but the most jaded fans found his take on the universe to be a solid return for the long-dormant franchise.

    "Safe" is what was needed after the Prequels. I am excited for Episode IX a lot more than I would be before.

    Watch this trailer if you have any questions... I mean you could just watch the movie but still...

    Youtube Video


    I'm such a Star Wars geek. I loved Force Awakens. Great movie. I loved Rogue One also. I'm one of those nerds that believe the Star Wars Universe can lend itself to countless stories. Any genre could fit and I would geek out over!

    Saving Private Ryan - in the SWU!
    Superbad - In the SWU!
    Sex and the City - In the SWU!

    I don't care! Take any flick and re-imagine it in the Star Wars Universe and I'm sooo there!

    K.... I'm calming down now....


    Excellent news about JJ coming on board for this project. It is in more than capable hands.

  • @Birdfinger well now it makes sense why you fit in here so well haha.

    I'm ok with the JJ move. Feels a little safe and I have a few personal qualms with what he did with The Force Awakens, but overall I think he did a great job and I would expect nothing less from him on Episode IX. I was interested to see what Trevorrow might do with his opportunity, but this should work out just fine.

  • Abrams did what no one expected, make Star Wars movies entertaining again.

    His movies entertain me and I agree it tends itself towards the safe-ish side but Disney and Lucas Films has too much to lose by making a crap movie.

    They fired two movie directors because they know what a Star Wars film should be. Safe is not a bad thing but I am hoping we don't see a rehash of something we've already seen.

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