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#207 San Francisco 49ers 9-13-17 *LIVE FROM PORTLAND*

  • @sammyc521 , @Zeb-Stark & @Veda-the-Moor come back after a tough loss on the road for the Seahawks Home Opener live Wednesday 9-13-17 at 10PM.

    Join them live by going to their channel;

    Seahawks open CenturyLink against divisional NFC West rivals San Francisco 49ers.

    Ask your questions. We'd love to respond during the podcast.

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    Special Podcast from Portland Oregon - the first one where all members can actually see each other.

    Seattle's road-house of horrors continue in Green Bay for another year. Seahawks have been held to 15 points or lower in 4 of the past 6 games to open their season winning only two of those games; they also went 1-1 in the games they scored more than 15 points. The Death Row DL and rookie CB was tested early but the "new" OL and the offense leave a lot to be desired after only scoring on three drives for 9 points.. Is the cure the San Francisco 49ers? Refs job Seattle but leave no tip. Rookies showed up on offense and defense.

    Topic #1 Long-time Carroll Seahawk fans may be use to this roller coaster but when do you lose faith?
    Topic #2 Will the Offense's lack of scoring ever turn the Defense against them?
    Topic #3 Homer Corner - After a tough road loss, which Seahawk do you want to sit next to on the flight home? Who do you avoid?
    Topic #4 Does the new 49er coach pose a threat to the Seahawks this season? If not, then when?

    Fantasy Updates:
    What was your fantasy crucial mistake?
    Three Step Drop (2-1)
    Seahawks FanTable (1-2)

    Who scores more; Seahawks Defense or San Francisco Offense?
    Who scores first; Seahawks Defense or Seahawks Offense?
    Is your season record still intact?
    Who starts at RB?
    Who starts at CB?

  • Probably the most-fun podcast we've ever recorded due to the fact we were all in the same place.

    I hope that comes through when you listen.

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