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Up-Tempo vs. Ball Control Philosophy

  • This is my new rally cry.

    On Twitter, both @MFB12 and I stated that the Seahawks do the best when they go more spread/Up-Tempo offense but this contradicts the Ball-Control Philosophy that Carroll preaches.

    alt text


    This lead to many concerns about what are you willing to sacrifice.

    In the 3 scoring drives the Seahawks had, it breaks down as such:

    Drive Total Plays (Run/Pass) Yards TOP
    2nd QTR 8 (4 run/4 pass) 74 Yards 0:55
    3rd QTR 11 (5 run/6 pass) 71 Yards 6:51
    4th QTR 7 (0 run/7 pass) 52 Yards 1:44

    Only one large run and that was in the 3rd QTR when they took the most time off the clock.

    I don't think it's an answer that you just go no-huddle, up-tempo, spread, etc and have that fix everything. I think it can setup more stuff for the Seahawks but I don't seem these philosophies getting resolved.

  • We've heard this 'up tempo' philosophy before. We have a plan, and it's to push the ball down their throats, or at least play 50/50. We may change it as circumstances arise during a game, but I doubt PC will change his philosophy.

    For one thing, 'up tempo' has a tendency to leave your defense on the field too long...Air Coryell anyone?

    Just because we don't win a SB every year doesn't mean PC's philosophy isn't sound. We are still one of the best teams in the league. It's a long season kiddies, be patient, we'll still be in the playoffs, and that's were it counts...IMHO.

  • There is always a need for balance an up-tempo doesn't mean they would have to abandon the entire offense.

    I think they just need to rely on more single-back; forget the FB - Madden looks terrible as a run/pass-blocker. Time to bring back Reese now that his contract is no guaranteed.

    The biggest problem with any offense is that if you go 3-and-out it doesn't matter what style you run. The one thing is that he Seahawks showed that they can eat clock but they shouldn't have to score in under 2-minutes because they're behind or running out of clock.

    I am definitely in the R-E-L-A-X camp when it comes to the season; I don't feel as if we are near the doom-and-gloom phase yet.

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