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Early Games.. interesting story lines and action

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    Lots of stuff to see..Im skipping around watching it all.

    Interested in how Lynch does.. hoping Arizona loses, . curious if the Browns' moneyball starts paying a bit of dividends.

    So excited for opening weekend!

  • Watching Marshawn play again is so tight. He's just the best. We're lucky to be alive in the time of Marshawn Lynch.

    Philly/Wash got a good one going on too. That Eagles pass rush is vicious!

  • The Raiders are going to be a fun team to watch this year. They've had some good players the last couple seasons and I feel like Lynch is going to bring them together the way he does to give that spark that'll do some damage. Also nice to see Oakland be badass and get unnecessary roughness calls. Way to bring it back!

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    I guess Lynch sort of split the difference..I thought he wouldnt do well at all.. he wasnt a world beater in my opinion but was better than I expected.

    A lot of weird games.. for sure feels like a week 1...

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