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Chris Hansen offers the City of Seattle Three New Arenas

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    Dude's relentless:

    Today, our investment group is making an offer to privately develop KeyArena into a mid-size concert venue, following the completion of construction of the new SoDo Arena. We believe our creative, privately financed proposal offers an ideal solution that ensures the continued vibrancy of the Seattle Center, while minimizing the negative impacts on the surrounding residents, businesses, and stakeholders.
    In summary, we are offering to privately finance and build three new and unique venues: The SoDo Sports Arena, The Seattle Center Concert Venue, and The Seattle Center Amphitheater.

  • Looks pretty cool from everything I've seen. That city has got to get something done sooner than later.

  • City has already said they're not interested...

    Fuck Seattle politics sometimes...

  • Goddam commie pinko liberals with no interest in sports or entertainment.

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    In this case I don't think, from what I read, there was much choice. The bid due date was April. Public works projects have to have strictly adhered due dates or risk charges of graft etc.

    Not saying Seattle doesn't need this. It does. But gotta do it the right way.

  • The problem I would counter is that Hansen allowed the city the chance to look at OVG after waiting for 4+ years on his own MOU.

    The city has constantly delayed his opportunities while waiting for the best deal. They also limited the window in which proposals would be allowed was short notice. AEG contended that the Mayor's office never was transparent with them (while their deal paled in comparison to OVG's) it setups the side that the Mayor's office is trying fast-pass this deal through without giving it the same vetting that Hansen has already gone through or will allow.

    The right way to look at the merits of the MOU that is still standing with Hansen and not railroad it for another MOU on your way out.

    The City Council can recommend (and I hope they do) that Hansen's deal is worth vetting against OVG's. OVG's offer is not a gateway to bring back basketball; it provides the NBA limited money as they would not own the building or the parking associated with events.

    The same point stands for NHL with Hansen's arena too. I would love NHL and NBA in the city and if NHL wants to be stuck in traffic around Queen Anne, all the more to them. Don't block Hansen's plan as the city can support it.

    Limit public money is at stake for both deals; don't kick one side over the other when both could survive.

  • Ed Murray to resign at 5pm Tomorrow (9/13):

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    This can't help OVG.

    Interim Mayor is City Council President Bruce Harrell who represents District #2 will take over; Harrell have voted to support the Hansen Sodo Arena for some time already.

  • OVG is promising the same amount of money at Lower Queen Anne that Hansen promised to SoDo but the traffic around KeyArena is infinitely worse with no mass transit or close free-way access; $40 million for traffic considerations.

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