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100 days..


    Let the Countdown begin!

    Went to my normal toy store the other day. Two years ago we had a better selection of Star Wars stuff for Force Friday than the US ..this time the store didnt even make a special section and there was just a couple of things there..

    Getting excited. Awesome time of year.. football starting, Star Wars coming, the damn heat subsiding..

  • Sounds like someone needs to go shopping at Toys R Us as soon as they can.

  • Heading there tomorrow here. There is one in Nerima ward.. just a quick cab ride from my place. But its more expensive than Bic Camera-Uniqlo and has an AWFUL Buyer who doesnt get his job..

  • Excited? Me? Damn skippy.

    So the Toys R Us by my house is basically sold out of the new TLJ figures but the Fred Meyer by my house hasn't even put them out on the shelves yet. And when I ask the employees about it it's like they have no idea what I'm talking about. I know they got a couple boxes sitting in the back somewhere just waiting to be opened. And I'm gonna stop by every day before and after work until I see those goddam things hanging from the shelves. And then I will buy them all.

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