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Good article regarding cuts, etc from PC:


    They hoped they could get Williams to the practice squad..though that seems a bit of a far fetched hope. Williams was a Sports Center fixture during preseason..

    Talks about how strongly the Jets wanted Kearse.. and more. Good read to summarize, and if you have any lingering feelings about the Kasen cut it seems to help get over that. Im not up in arms or anything but I was disappointed, but just listening to Pete talk about (well..reading..but I read it in his voice!) helped me get over the last of the lingering negativity.

  • I thought the kid made the 53 too. So we got the solid vet, 2 speedsters, the big tall guy, and Darboh. I didn't see enough of him to know what we got with him. What we lost was inconsistent but makes big plays guy. Darboh just needs consistency and I think the WR group as a whole will make up the big plays. We could be in a better spot IF they stay healthy.

  • There's definite risk with these guys but at the end of it, none of them are starters. These are all guys that are in the bottom 5th of the team which means they are in jeopardy of losing their jobs all the time.

    After the dust has settled, I am more excited by the addition of Sheldon than the loss at WR.

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