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Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • I saw this movie on Thursday night and I was very impressed.

    At this point, if Marvel is invested they will do a great job of creating a fun, entertaining Marvel movie with enough easter eggs for long-time fans but also enough entertainment for general fans.

    What I love about Spider-Man is that he does protects people because he feels he has no choice. While this was no Origin story, there were a lot of elements of showing what a young superhero has to deal with. The biggest factor in the Spider-Man mythos is that his inaction lead to the death of his father-figure. While this was skipped over in Homecoming, it was still alluded to and you see this great sense of someone with a lot of ability and trying to do it all.

    A lot of people may get tired of Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man but he is what makes the MCU work. With this start in Iron Man that revolutionized Marvel Studios, he again takes enough of the spotlight when he's on to show how vital he is to their movies. While some may take that as a draw-back, I feel the it just shows how connected his character and his role plays in establishing the greater arc. No other character can cross-over like that and fit the style of the movie.

    I also want to give a huge amount of credit for Michael Keaton; he's truly a great villan in the movie. His drive is so clear and so easy to understand that after watching 10+ MCU movies, you get a sense of his scope as a non-superhero. I really loved his time on the screen.

    Tom Holland played like a young person playing a young person; not a 25+ years old acting like a teenager. The beauty of Spider-Man as a character is that he's a weird kid and also a superhero; all his nerdiness or awkwardness if removed once he dons his costume and doesn't restrain himself from doing all the things a Spider-Man can.

    I think Andrew Garfield did a good job in the Amazing Spider-Man of being really chatty and witty but it also was on the verge of arrogant; Spider-man is not that because his guilt won't allow that.

    In Captain America: Civil War, Holland's Spider-man fights the Winter Soldier and pauses to admire the metal arm so much that he loses focus. Falcon even questions whether or not Spider-man has ever been in a fight as quips, "Usually, there's not this much talking."

    This is no origin story, but it's a great movie about someone growing into his role of being a friendly, neighborhood Spider-man.

  • Good stuff. Sounds good. Hoping to see it this weekend so we can talk about it on the B before it's old news.

    I'm a fan of RDJ's Iron Man. I'm a fan of RDJ in general, so it'd be hard for him to screw any of this up for me.

    Also a big Keaton fan and looking forward to seeing what he brings to this one.

    I actually really liked the Garfield Spider-Man but I seem to be a minority there. Holland at first seemed too kid-ish to me but I guess that's the way it really should be. And I've warmed up to him.

    Thanks for the info Sammy!

  • Finally saw this...

    The scenes about his normal life were really good.. almost John Hughes=ish.. I literally fell asleep in the long, long fight scenes..

  • I really, really enjoyed Spider-Man: Homecoming. The best Spidey movie made so far. At least this time they used an actor that could pass as a high school kid. lol.
    Marvel is just so much fun. GOTG II was off the hook too. OMG. Drax!!!!
    I really cannot wait for Infinity War pt 1 to see them in action with the big team. Of course, there is Ragnarok coming this fall too. Oh, crap! And The Black Panther.

  • @legionofboom 's post shows me why I don't get these movies. The second half of the post LOOKS like it's in English.. I recognize every letter there and all the prepositions... but the rest is like some special code that I can't figure out....

    PS I liked Toney Maguire as Spider-Man...

  • @veda-the-moor I liked "Tobey Maguire" as Red Pollard better. 😛

  • I don't hate Tobey but I don't particularly like him either. I guess he was ok as Nick Carraway.

    I think Tom Holland is pretty obviously the best Peter Parker we've had so far.

  • I guess Tom is the closest to the comics.. and obviously that's a fair way to measure things. But I haven't read the comics and every time I see Tom I just feel sorry for the frog...

    @legionofboom that was a good movie too! But Tobey at his best is in the fake trailer at the beginning of Tropic Thunder. Hilarious.

  • Still one of my least favorite MCU movies though.

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    @Canhawk I need your opinion.

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