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Jets or Bills..

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    Bigger dumpster fire this year?

    Another cakewalk to HFA for the Patriots again this year. Jets twice, Bills twice, Cutler-led Dolphins twice...

    Seems like everytime the Bills or Jets did something amazingly stupid the other was like "Hold my beer..."

  • Jets are a train wreck that try to pretend they're not because they claim to be in New York (when they play in New Jersey).

    Bills just fuck with their QB because they can't commit after years for Jim Kelly.

    They did the same thing when looking at Doug Flutie vs Rob Johnson.

  • The Slag and Parley Forums

    The Bills arent just in trouble with Qb.. they got rid of Sammie Watson because.. Buffalo. Then suddenly cut their back up RB who looked real good.. because..Bills. Thats after trading their other WR Wood.. (so those two play together again but in LA instead of Buffalo.. think they mind?)

    Wish the NFL would spot the Seahawks 4 wins.

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