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Rapoport: Kearse, Collins, Lane on the block

  • Ian Rapoport‏Verified account
    #Seahawks continue to actively gauge trade values, with talks involving CB Jeremy Lane, RB Alex Collins & WR Jermaine Kearse, sources say.
    7:38 AM - 31 Aug 2017

    Might get a little sumthin' for Lane at least. Kearse and Lane are exactly the 2 players fans have been talking about that needed to be traded/released in order to get a little wiggle room under the cap. Hmmm.... New Seahawk on the way? O or D lineman?

    I just like making moves for the sake of making moves. Awful I know.

  • Collins, not a surprise.

    Kearse, would think teams would wait to cut him rather than trade.

    Lane, see above.

    I get the Seahawks really like their rookies and I would say the WR move is more about Kasen than trying to "stash" Darboh.

    Collins won't hurt seattle if he goes else where or gets cut; Kearse and Lane would be questionable veteran cuts/trades depending on what/if they get in return.

  • Kearse and Collins I doubt you can get much for. Lane.. a proven CB even if not stellar is a pretty marketable commodity I would think, and I doubt there is an air of desperation of trying to get rid of him. It would just mean one more youngster stays and has more chance to develop. There are a lot of CB needy teams out there.

    That said the track record of Seahawk CBs when they leave Seattle and play in a different system isnt all that amazing.

  • I think this pretty much proves that Carson is a lock to make the roster.

  • @legionofboom said in Rapoport: Kearse, Collins, Lane on the block:

    I think this pretty much proves that Carson is a lock to make the roster.

    Yeah, something had to give. No way we could of stashed Carson away on the PS with the pre-season he had.

    Kearse is getting interest from the Browns:

    Imagine going from perennial Super Bowl contender to..... the Browns. Kearse may retire instead. Lol

  • That's how they do it in the NBA.

    The one thing is that even if they cut/trade these guys the door is open for them to return.

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