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Hawks trying to trade Kearse... cap move?

  • Any cap guru's around here?

    I'm thinking shopping Kearse is more about cap space (for a DT???) than performance. He had a rough year last year but his time spent getting and being on the same page with Russell is pretty valuable. What savings, if any, is there with trading/cutting Kearse?

  • I don't see anybody willing to give up anything for him, and I can't imagine moving him saves us all that much money. At this point I have to believe they're probably gonna cut him and just seeing if they can maybe get a 7 for him real quick instead.

  • Trading/Cutting Kearse only saves the Seahawks $3.6 over two years; not enough to take on Sheldon ($8 mil/yr).

  • Damn, I wish knew cap stuff better!

    Yeah, no one is trading for Kearse. Dude made some great plays though. He'll always be fondly remembered as a member of the Seahawks first Super Bowl winning team.

  • Kearse didn't have much interest when he was a FA last year....why would he now? This FO has never had much problem with taking the cap hit and removing a player past his prime/use. If in fact, he is either cut or traded, IMHO it will be to free up a roster spot than anything else.

  • Yea.. Kearse isnt at all bad but they probably feel there is more upside on some of the younger people. From 4th round on they seem to do a good job of moving on from missed picks but I feel they probably want to hang onto Darboh though it would be hard to say he has earned it more than anyone else based on reports from camp and the preseason games obviously.

    I would think that some teams that are WR needy but not obviously tanking might give a 7th for Kearse.. Bills.. Bears..

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