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On the radio, Clayton said Hawks shopping for DT

  • Hmmmm.... I'm down with this move. I like our guys but I don't think we got the guy that can really pressure the QB from that spot.

    If they're actually "shopping", anyone you hoping the Hawks end up with?

    And how much are you willing to give up?

  • That's an interesting move... I am happy with how Reed, Rubin and Jones have looked in the pre-season. Unless they can get a penetrating-DT not sure I get the move.

  • All this info I got off of twitter btw. 2 names I saw (from fans I'm sure) were Sheldon Richardson and Marcel Darius. Adding either of these cats, Imo, would "tilt the field" as JS likes to say.

    I think this idea is the reason behind the tire kickin' of Desmond Bryant. DTs that can get upfield. That middle pressure seems like it makes a difference with the better QBs we face. I believe if we get a DT with this skillset, turnovers will be plentiful!

    This idea just tickles my happy place...

  • One of the reasons why I was so happy with the draft was that they grabbed McDowell would was to be their penetrating DT that I feel we lacked.

    Reed and Rubin do a great job of anchoring for the run game but don't put enough pressure on the QB and they step up too frequently.

    Not sure what we have to trade for or with (unless it's draft picks and depth-guys).

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