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Star Wars - X-Wing Miniatures Game

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    So I just started a new hobby and I'm hoping I don't die under the weight of all these figures that I may buy.

    X-Wing Miniatures (XMG) has been around for a long time and started with just the Original Trilogy ships (X-Wings, TIE Fighters, etc). As the Star Wars world has expanded and contracted, some ships were not "canon" but it's kind of using the Legacy universe to add new ships but it's also added ships from The Force Awakens, Rogue One and Star Wars; Rebels/Clone Wars.

    The game is pretty easy to learn and there's not extensive rules books that you have to read before you move (unlike other miniatures games).

    So far, I've stuck to just OG/TFA ships:

    • X-Wings (OG/TFA)
    • B-Wing
    • A-Wing
    • Millennium Falcon
    • TIE Fighters (OG/TFA)
    • TIE Bomber
    • TIE Interceptors
    • TIE Defender
    • TIE Special Forces
    • Slave I

    What's great about the game is for $25-40 you can find a core set that will come with a new X-Wing and two TIE FIghters (First Order). These ships come from The Force Awakens along with upgraded damage cards and movement pieces.

    So far I've played only a few games (losing all of them) and it's been really fun. You build a battlefield and fly around asteroids trying to shoot at each other.

    The game allows for more complexity if you are really interested in "meta building" which would focus on giving super actions or stacking talents that give more movement.

    So far I'm sticking to more thematic builds like a Death Star Trench Run with Wedge, Biggs and Luke.

  • Well you and Tony have got me interested.. I bought the OG starter kit.. and have had a couple of deliveries since.

    Right now I just have:

    1 OG X-Wing
    1 B-Wing
    2 A-Wings (one stand alone, one was in the Rebel Aces expansion)

    2 TIE FIghters (OG)
    2 TIE Interceptors
    1 TIE Bomber

    Sabines TIE Fighter

    and the Scum and Villiany faction..

    2 Z-95s
    1 Y-Wing
    2 Mist Hunters
    2 M3-As
    and the Quad Jumper.

    No idea how to play.. lol.

  • Once you play like 2 times, it's a really easy game to play.

    I have started using squadron builder sites like this one:

    You sign up and enter in the collections/expansions you own and how many and it keeps track of what ships you can build for a 100-point system.

    All my builds are thematic so far:

    OG Rebellions TAMF Squad (Characters who have been in the Star Wars: Rebels TV show)

    TIE Fighter

    • Pilot - Ahsoka Tano (17)
    • EPT - Veteran Instincts (1)
    • Modification - Captured TIE (1)


    • Pilot - Lando Calrissian (44)
    • EPT - Push the Limit (3)
    • Crew - Nieb Nunb (1)
    • Crew - Weapons Engineer (3)
    • Title - Millennium Falcon (1)


    • Pilot - Jake Farrell (24)
    • Title - A-Wing Test Pilot (0)
    • EPT - Veteran Instincts (1)
    • EPT - Wired (1)
    • Modification - Hull Upgrade (3)

  • Youtube Video

    This is a intro to the game that explains it's core set. You can make it as complex as you'd like based upon the pilots and upgrades you add.

  • Doing a learners game day at my house. PM me if you're interested. Renton, WA on 9/16

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    @aureus is a great host too.

  • I'm in! X-Wing miniatures Saturday, Seahawks Sunday. Sounds like a weekend!

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