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Winners & Losers through the Pre-Season

  • With the biggest contributors done for the Pre-Season I came up with my list of Winners & Losers. Some fringe players will be fighting for spots in the final pre-season game.


    • Russell Wilson - He's been on-fire through the Pre-Season. While his Redzone TD % isn't great, there's been enough flashes with this growing OL and with the young guys (Kasen & Carson) I am extremely confident about a healthy and slim Wilson this year.
    • Doug Baldwin - Proving himself to be a top-flight WR in this league based on his route running and sneaky speed/atheleticism. He's catching nearly everything thrown his way from the outside and slot position. He's proving to be a mismatch for some DBs.
    • Offensive Line (Minus Fant) - The injury to Fant is huge, but the Seahawks OL was never going from the bottom-third of OLs in the NFL to top-third. They moved to the thresholds of the bottom of the 2nd-tier and now have a chance to hang around the mid-20's based on OL rankings. What we saw in the 3rd game was solid pass defense (against a vanilla scheme and limited blitzes to force Wilson to throw from the pocket) and all it lead to was 200 yards in the air. Aboushi did turn into a turnstile for one play and it lead to the only sack against Wilson in the 3rd preseason game.
    • Eddie Lacy & Chris Carson - All other RBs have either been absent (Rawls & Prosise), designated to mop-up duty (JD Micisic & Mike Davis), or they end up not getting any meaningful snaps (Alex Collins) which means that Carson has really helped himself and I don't see any reason why he won't be the 4th RB. Carson. Carson has shown ability to run in the lanes provided, fight past arm tackles and fight for extra yards. I was concerned about his pass catching and pass-blocking (two things that other RBs have shown a better skill than Carson) but in the 3rd pre-season game I was very pleased with Carson in his limited catching/pass blocking opportunities. Lacy got on the filed and played well which is more than Rawls or Prosise.
    • Jermaine Kearse - There's nothing that Kearse did to warrant people hating on him through this pre-season. His lone misstep is probably in special teams coverage where he took a bad angle against KC and helped give up the TD. He had a huge catch on the sideline and fought through contact with a perfectly placed ball by Wilson.
    • Kasen Williams - While not putting up high-light reels in game 3, he was big on special teams with the recovery of a blocked-punt that was touched by KC. Those kinds of plays will only help him make this team when it comes to ball awareness.
    • LOB + Jeremy Lane - Kam, Earl and Sherman has all delivered all pre-season. Earl looks 100% healthy and is diving into every pile like it's his last. Kam has been solid as well. Sherman with the best hit of the day on a pass to the flats and just drove the WR into the ground. Lane has also looked great when it comes to sliding into the Nickel or outside in base defense.
    • Blair Walsh - I assumed that Walsh would get cut midway through the pre-season for another K but that seems less likely to happen as the Seahawks have seem him kick his FGs well (he went 2/3 in 50+ yard FGs in game two & in game three, he got to re-kick a ball off the uprights due to a defensive penalty). The fact he also taunted the Vikings after hitting his 2nd 50+ yard FG was pretty funny.


    • Alex Collins - Dude is Just-A-Guy and hasn't done much to help separate himself. He's 100% unsexy and he's messed up when he needed a perfect pre-season. He lost a fumbled that lead to a TD in game two late but redeemed himself by burning out the clock; it's going to be too little to late compared to how well Carson's played.
    • Rookies not names Griffin, Jones, Carson, Hill or Pocic - This is a veteran team and none of the guys have really dazzled; Darboh, Thompson, Senior and Moore. None of these guys have stood out when given a chance. Not expecting a lot of them when they were some chances for them to climb the roster.
    • Trevone Boykins - After a great 1st pre-season game I feel that Austin Davis has played better than Boykins overall. He's going through a sophomore slump maybe due to the Seahawks asking him to do more. In the 3rd game he went 0 for 6 on attempts with an INT. His skill set mirrors Wilson and he warrants a spot moreso than Davis but it's another example of how much teams can lose if they don't have a quality starter at QB.

  • Great post Sammy..for the most part I agree.


    Alex Collins is probably the biggest name on the list. Possibly an early cut?

    Prosise. Still making the team as of now, but the team is obviously getting concerned with his inability to be available.

    Elliot. They brought in Brock, and there just doesnt seem to be space anymore.

    Biggest Winners:

    Carson.. went from afterthought to "should he start?"

    OL -- looks like it will be functional..and thats progress.

    Kasen Williams.. wrote it elsewhere..he was essentially off the radar but has brought it all camp and pre season long.

    and like Sammy wrote..Blair Walsh. All off season I hated on this pick but he looks like he did his rookie year. Our kicking game got better!

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