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D23 this weekend, SDCC next

  • Lucasfilm had already announced that they will not have a Star Wars presence at San Diego Comic Con this year, so expect any big announcements (before the big The Last Jedi push starts in the fall) to come this weekend at D23.

    Biggest rumors so far are of a behind the scenes "sizzle" reel like the ones we got for both TFA & RO 6 months or so before their respective releases. It's possible we'll get a new full length trailer, but I don't really expect that until the fall.

    Additionally, I'm hoping for announcements regarding the 3rd anthology film, or at least (and probably more likely) an official title for the Han Solo film. Probably lots of stuff about the under construction "Star Wars Land" and hopefully some info on the in production open world have being developed by EA Visceral.

    Star Wars word vomit.

    Bound to be tons of Marvel stuff too, which I enjoy, but don't get my panties all moist over.

    Anything coming up you're looking forward to finding out more about during these conventions? It's a pretty great time to be a nerd.

  • Clarification: there will be no The Last Jedi at SDCC so it's totally possible and probably likely that we'll get some good Star Wars stuff there. Should be a fun couple of weekends with lots of announcements either way.

  • I am guessing they are going to go lite on Star Wars stuff at D23 because they already did Star Wars Celebration a couple of months ago.

    Expecting a new trailer and that's all.

  • @sammyc521 see I don't think we will get a trailer. Could be wrong though. Hope I'm wrong. Although a sizzle reel could be just as good. I remember when the TFA sizzle reel came out it got me so excited.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Those to me are almost better than the actual trailers we got. I need one of those for TLJ hahaha.

  • Star Wars could release cartoon cutouts of the new characters reciting jokes and I'd be glued to my screen.

    Let's not kid ourselves that we are somehow unwilling to take whatever they give us. I'm just excited I can watch The Last Jedi Thursday night.

  • True. But the fact that they said specifically that we're not getting any The Last Jedi at SDCC tells me they've got good stuff lined up for D23. So I feel pretty safe anticipating something good. Especially since they kind of burned us at Star Wars Celebration a couple months ago.

  • So doesn't sound like we got anything major out of D23 today. Scale model of Star Wars Land was cool but probably a lot cooler in person than on TV.

    I assume we'll get a TLJ behind the scenes video tomorrow. I assume they'll do it Saturday. I guess they could wait till Sunday but I don't see why. Just give us the shit already!

  • Looks like it's just stuff about Disney/Pixar movies so far: Incredible's 2 and Wreck-It-Ralph 2.

  • Yeah and obviously most of us don't care too much about that. I want Star Wars and a little bit of Marvel. That's it.

  • @zeb-stark said in D23 this weekend, SDCC next:

    Yeah... I'm excited.

  • yeah I'd say that's just enough to whet the appetite.

  • They also showed the Wrinkle In Time trailer which looks pretty cool and announced live action versions of Dumbo, Aladdin, Emily Blunt is playing Mary Poppins, they showed Infinity War footage and live action Lion King footage.

    Live action Mulan is already in production.

    Tim Burton is directing Dumbo with Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green & Michael Keaton.

    Will Smith is playing the Genie in Aladdin.

    That's a whole lotta WTF if you ask me haha.

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