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Game 2: Evaluation.

  • What did you see? What did you like or dislike?

    I thought Wilson continued to look sharp and really does look slimmer.

    I thought Carson looked the best of all the running backs on the whole though I didnt see him in pass protection and probably will look for that on the second viewing. Lacy looked fine but really didnt shine to me.. certainly didnt look 8 million dollars better than Carson.

    Fant..well.. soul crushing injury there and Im in a bit of despair...

    Kasen Williams.. just seems to be what everyone said he was going to be when he was a 5 star recruit out of high school. Injury free, distraction free, having fun and putting on a show. If hed caught the long Still had an amazing catch again and I just dont know what to say.

    McEvoy.. well.. I loved his story last year. Getting lost in the numbers game this year.

    Lawler.. he can play. I hope he catches on somewhere. I dont think he lasts here.

    I was surprised how little pressure we got on Defense. Vikings line could not stop the Bills last week..

    Griffin may have a chance to start still but that learning curve is going to have to be sharp.

    Earl Thomas looks so Earl Thomas-y it almost made me wet myself.

    Jones looks like the real deal. They had to sort of teach him to be high motor all the time, but I think being on the Seahawks sort of puts that pressure on people anyway. He looks and feels and plays the part.

    Depth at DB, yo. Liking it.

  • It looked to me like Joey Hunt and Jordan Roos worked well together. Although, I guess, that could be attributable to working against not-1st stringers.
    How can one not like Nazair Jones? 👍
    Lacy looks sluggish with little change of direction.
    Quill, as you said, has a sharp learning curve ahead. But, he did better as the game wore on.
    Tedric Thompson looked a bit lost out there.
    Grayson and Swoopes need to take "catch the football" lessons from Vannett.
    Ifedi looks good at pushing defenders wide but not so good when they cut inside.
    All of this bullshine is JMO, of course.

  • I guess my attention was fading by the second half because it wasnt until I looked at the stats I noticed Grayson had been targeted. Twice. No catches. I wonder if he is a practice squad candidate.. a year of real football under his belt and maybe his speed would be put to better use.

    Forgot to mention Vannett..that was a great play.. but its a bit sad that Id almost forgotten about him period.

  • Upon 2nd watch, I was wrong.
    Quill went right back to getting abused in the 3rd quarter. If he's gonna be a starter he may have to play the Lester Hayes role while Sherman does his Mike Haynes.
    JMO, of course.

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