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So.. George Fant.. so....

  • Well, are we going to talk about this.

    ACL.. he will be back next year. ACL rehab is so much better than it used to be I have no doubt he will be effective next year. And man do I feel for the guy.. things were just about to happen for him..

    In the meantime, do we just redo the whole left side? Slide Joeckel to LT and then have a new LG? Odhiambo hasnt really looked like a real NFL player yet.

    Keep some of what they wanted and keep Joeckel where he was at LG and get a new LT.. Branden Albert..?

    I know what I think they will do.. Joeckel to LT and someone wins LG..but man.. I feel like Joeckel best helps the team at LG..

  • Shame about Fant, sigh.
    Odhiambo looked lost out there, last night. And Roos looked like he belonged at guard. We may have to slide Joeckel over. Unless they try Pocic at LT. According to the roster on .com, Aboushi is listed as a guard/tackle and there's some feller named Darrell Brown listed as a tackle.
    What a clustermug.

  • To me Aboushi looks real good at RG.. so... Glowinski to LG and Joeckel at LT? Yuck.....

  • IMHO: The only good thing about this injury, is that it came this early so we can experiment with replacing him. Bummer for Fant. He put in the time & energy to be a competent LT. Such is life.

  • Super bummer. But I guess one good thing about having a shitty o line is that it can't really get much shittier?

  • Seahawks have made two moves at Tackle:

    Signing a journeyman in Tyrus Thompson and now making a trade with Philly for T Matt Tobin. Seahawks trade away a 2018 fifth-round pick, receive Tobin and a 2017 7th-round pick in return.

  • Well at least they're active.

  • Tobin? Someone going to make the "Championship!!" joke? No? Ok.

    Tobin.. spelled backwards that is Ni-bot!

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