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Seahawks sign Justin Britt to 3-year Extension

  • Justin Britt is the first Seahawks OL to be drafted by John/Pete and get a 2nd contract.

    This is kind of monumental because they have drafted a ton of OL and their best (Okung, Sweezy and Unger) have all been allowed to leave or traded away.

    The benefit of signing Britt to a 3-year extension is that his cap hit is now spread over 4-years (last year of his rookie contract & 3 years of the extension).

    The deal puts Britt as the 6th highest paid center in the league which sounds pretty solid for a guy that was a Pro-Bowl alternate for the NFC.

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  • Playing around with a weird concept.. "continuity".... Paying their key guys, taking care of their own. Britt really earned this both with his pure skill on the field at center but also by being patient and trusting the coaching staff. How many guys would have had a bad attitude when moved position once, then TWICE? Or at the least , who would have gotten discouraged? Go Britt! Go Seahawks!

  • And don't forget-availability. I think that he's only missed one start in 3 years?
    Go Hawks!

  • Really good point, especially as the Seahawks FO and coaches seem to emphasize availability more than most teams do, rightfully so!

  • It's kind of amazing that Britt was drafted and became our starting RT on our Superbowl teM, moved to RG in our offensive explosion year for Wilson/Doug and the solidified the OL at C in his 3rd year.

    Pete is crazy like a fox.

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