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Seahawks 2020 2nd Round Pick (48th) DE Darrell Taylor

  • The Seattle Seahawks select DE Darrell Taylor with the 48th pick overall in the 2nd Round.

    The Seahawks traded with the New York Jets to trade up to the 48th pick.

    They gave up their 59th pick (2nd round) and 101st pick (3rd) for the Jet's 48th pick.

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  • Hearing Frank Clark as a comp... sign me up.

    He'll likely see the field faster than Clark did sitting behind other vets. Should be more competition for Taylor going into the 2020 season. Hopefully this is not a sign that Collier is a bad pick.

  • I actually have both our picks today on my list in notes.. I had him down as round 3 to 5, but what does that mean? Im pretty into this pick. Not sure we had to trade up for him, but the team obviously has a chance to have a better idea of that than fans do. This may end up being our impact player of the draft.

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