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2020 Seahawks 7 Round Mock Draft with Trades

  • In this version we assume the Seahawks make the trades in the first round that I outlined in my 1st Round NFL draft and that has left them with 11 picks, as follows:

    2nd rd, #36
    2nd rd, #59
    2nd rd, #64
    3rd rd, #101
    4th rd, #133
    4th rd, #136
    4th rd, #144
    5th rd, #150
    5th rd, #175
    6th rd, #214
    7th rd, #218

    And the picks:

    #36: DT Ross Blacklock. Probably falls out of the 1st round due to short productive career. Not getting EDGE help here changes the draft compared to the other non-draft one I did.

    #59. EDGE Curtis Weaver. Not quite Seahawk-y in numbers but productive and the right attitude.

    #64. CB Reggie Robinson. Can play slot or outside I believe. This might be considered a bit high but I think he's Seahawks and hes the type they grab before people think its "worth it" because it fits what they want to do. Will provide great depth and options at CB. no more base defense 75% of the time!

    #101. WR Lavishka Shenault Jr. Bad QB play, injuries, core muscle surgery AFTER the combine, poor interviews.. all this pushes him down the draft and could make him a DK type steal.

    #133. SAM/EDGE Casey Toohill. Still needs to develop but has tools to line up as the SAM then move to EDGE in those situations. Could contribute depth and pass rush production as a rookie.

    #136. EDGE Trevis Gipson. I expect the Seahawks to spend multiple picks trying to fix the pass rush this year after last years failed efforts.

    #144. OG Nick Harris. Nick stays home, Seahawks get depth , the only losers are the moving companies.

    #150. WR Isaiah Hodgins. Creates a difficult quandary for opponents with DK at 6ft3 on one side and 6ft 4 Hodgins on the other.

    #175. TE Dalton Keene. A young, healthy person to compete.

    #214. RB Michael Warren II. A runnng back who runs tough to provide depth and security for an oft injured RB room.

    #217. C Darryl Williams. Always compete. If Britt is released to sign Clowney, Seattle mostly has a bunch of guys at center, so young competition is a great thing.

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