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Hawkscast 2020 Mock NFL Draft

  • The 2020 off season is obviously an odd one and the draft will perhaps be even more of a crap shoot than usual. Front offices will presumably rely on tape more than usual, and also their trusted connections in the college ranks.

    Here is our First Round mock with plenty of trades in it, which are difficult to guess but make it more realistic. I likely have undervalued QBs and the feeding frenzy around them as I tend to do.

    1. Cincinnati

    Needs:QB, OL, LB, TE, WR

    QB Joe Burrow. This pick was decided months ago and unless some team is secretly in love and willing to hand over a fortune this is the pick.

    1. Washington
      Needs:OL, TE, WR, CB, edge rusher

    EDGE Chase Young. Another "no brainer" of a pick most likely.

    1. LA Chargers from Detroit for #6, #37 overall
      Needs:QB, OT, LB, edge rusher, TE

    QB Tua Tagovailoa. Teams are playing it cool on Tua to a large degree but I dont really buy it. The Chargers pay the price fastest and move here.. possibly bidding against Miami. Detroit wants no part of this pick. Before the injury Tua and Joe were considered pics 1a and 1b, and eventually the injury will completely heal. In LA Tua probably gets to sit behind Tyrod Taylor for a year, in Miami there would be pressure to play him the first time Fitzmagic fails and becomes back to back 3 INT games.

    1. Carolina from Giants for #7, #69
      Needs:,LB, CB, edge rusher, OL, LB

    LB Isaiah Simmons Carolina moves up and takes an impact defender they need on the defensive side of the ball with Keuchly's retirement. They will have to use him right , but if they do he could be the most influential defensive player in the draft.

    1. Miami **also pick at 18 & 26
      Needs:QB, OL, RB, S, edge rusher

    OT Andrew Thomas. Miami stays pat, doesnt panic or over and grabs who they think is the best of the 4 Tier One OTs.

    1. Detroit from LA Chargers
      Needs: CB, edge rusher, RB

    CB Jeffery Okudah. Detroit replaces Dairius Slay after sliding back, getting the best CB in the draft in the process.

    1. NY Giants from Carolina for #7, #69 overall
      Needs:OT, edge rusher, S, WR, TE

    OT Tristan Wirfs . The Giants probably feel theyve got some key pieces in place and want to make an impact.. they start by protecting up front and giving Barkley some help.

    1. Arizona
      Needs:OL, edge rusher, DL, TE, DB

    OT Jedrick Wills. Murray needs some protection, and with the run on OTs starting, Arizona almost has to make this pick.

    1. NY Jets from Jacksonville for #11, #158(5th rnd), #191 (6th rnd)
      Needs:WR, edge rusher, OT, CB, RB

    OT Mekhi Becton. Becton fills a need that probably cant be found elsewhere and the drop off after him is real, so the Jets move up 2 spots to get him, giving Jacksonville some extra picks they need every one of.

    1. Cleveland
      Needs:OT, S, LB, DL, WR

    OT Josh Jones*. Went with Josh Jones here . This is a need pick and could be Xavier McKinney perhaps instead, or a trade down but the Browns need help and the long run on OTs may push this pick.

    1. Jacksonville **also pick at 20
      Needs:CB, DL, edge rusher, OL, RB

    DL1T Derrick Brown. Jacksonville has a lot of needs after its fire sale, but are fortunate to get the best interior D lineman in the draft at 11.

    1. Las Vegas **also pick at 19
      Needs:WR, CB, DL, OL, LB

    WR CeeDee Lamb. A Raider pick for the Raiders. They might be tempted to take Herbert or even Love here, but really need a WR and CeeDee is tailor made for them.

    1. Miami f/IND via San Francisco, for #18 and #70
      Needs:QB, OL, RB, S, edge rusher

    QB Justin Herbert. Miami may fear Tampa Bay will plan for the future after reeling in Tom Brady, so moves up 6 spots to take Justin Herbert who can learn the game behind Fitzpatrick for a year or even two. San Francisco pockets a high 3rd.

    1. Tampa Bay
      Needs:OT, RB, DL, QB, S

    DT3T-> DE Javon Kinlaw . Not their biggest need but a very useful piece and an instant upgrade, Tampa Bay takes Kinlaw who projects as a DE in their 3-4 system.

    1. Denver
      Needs:WR, OL, CB, LB, S

    WR Henry Ruggs III. Denver gets the upgrade needed at WR.

    1. Atlanta
      Needs:DB, LB, edge rusher, OL, RB

    CB C.J. Henderson. Atlanta has multiple holes on defense, this fills a major one.

    1. Dallas
      Needs:Edge rusher, CB, OL, WR, S

    WR Jerry Jeudy. Although there are perhaps bigger needs, Dallas will be tempter to take Jerry Jeudy at 17 if he is there, and will be easy to justify.

    1. Philadelphia from San Francisoc via Miami for #21, and #103 (3rd rnd)
      Needs:WR, OL, LB, CB, S

    LB/EDGE K'lavon Chaisson. Philly also has multiple holes to fill but can get a contributing WR in the 2nd round, and with the 1st round grade O linemen gone they trust the board and take a disruptive force.

    1. Las Vegas f/CHI
      Needs:WR, CB, DL, OL, LB

    CB Trevon Diggs. Having filled their WR need, they switch to defense and take Diggs. He still needs development and he's not the most natural of CBs you'll see, but he has a great skill set including ball skills (transitioned from WR ) and long term could have the best career of CBs in the draft.

    1. Jacksonville f/LAR
      Needs: CB, DL, edge rusher, OL, RB

    CB Kristian Fulton. Jacksonville gets another solid piece, building their defense back to where it was.

    1. San Francisco f/Pittsburg via Miami **also pick at 31 Receives: #21, #103 (earlier received #70 from Miami)
      Needs:WR, OL, DL, CB, S

    WR Justin Jefferson. A receiver who can play the slot with dependable hands, SF will hope he can somewhat match Emmanuel Sanders' productuion, whose arrival last year provided a spark for the 49er offense.

    1. Minnesota f/BUF **also pick at 25
      Needs:CB, WR, edge rusher, OL, S

    CB A.J. Terrell. The Vikings need help at CB and get it.

    1. New England
      Needs:QB, TE, LB, DL, WR

    S Xavier McKinney. The Patriots could go several ways and a lot depends on what they really think of last years 4th round pick Jarret Stidham as their QB. They could pick Jordan Love here according to some rumors. I think they will try for UW's Eason in the second which they will have to move up to do. I have them taking an impact player at Safety, which isnt the highest need but I dont see a TE with a first round grade and the Patriots are in need of impact players not pieces.

    1. New Orleans
      Needs:LB, OL, S, CB, QB

    OLB Patrick Queen. Another possiblity for Jordan Love, and a team that has a solid roster without obvious needs so they can go for the true Best Player Available according to their draft board. Dynamic Patrick Queen could be that.

    1. Minnesota
      Needs:CB, WR, edge rusher, OL, S

    WR Tee Higgins After Stephon Diggs' departure, a player is needed to take some heat off Thiel. Higgins is a sort of volleyball type player that should be a good complement.

    1. Miami f/HOU
      Needs:QB, OL, RB, S, edge rusher

    RB D'Andre Smith. Miami finishes their 1st round offensive make-over with a RB that can be used like Alvin Kamara and can take the pressure off either an inconsistent veteran QB or a rookie signal caller , whoever ends up starting.

    1. Green Bay from Seattle for #30, #136(4th rnd), #175(5th rnd)
      Needs:TE, WR, OL, LB, CB

    WR Jalen Reagor. Seattle wants out of 27, and the Packers know that Aaron Rodgers has been on the decline the last couple years, and there have been some excuses made so there is some doubt. Reagor is probably purely a slot guy, but is a speedy target that should elevate Rodgers game if he truly still has "it".

    1. Baltimore
      Needs:LB, OL, WR, edge rusher, DL

    LB Kenneth Murray Lacking an impact LB since CJ Mosley's departure, the Ravens hope Murray will fit the bill.

    1. Indianapolis from Tennessee for #34 and #122
      Needs:Edge rusher, DL, OL, CB, RB

    QB Jordan Love. Phillip Rivers is a stop gap, Brissett, well.. the team brought in Rivers so that says a lot. Indy doesnt have a first rounder so they trade up to get the QB they hope is their QB of the future.

    30.New York Giants from Seattle for #36(2nd rnd), #150(5th rnd), 218(7th rnd)
    Needs:Edge rusher, OL, DL, S, RB

    DL5T AJ Epenesa. Seattle backs out of the first round entirely, the Giants move back in to the first round and get a AJ Epenesa. Not a true EDGE guy and cant bend the corner, but an impact rusher and plus run stopper that gives the Giants a second key piece in the first round.

    1. San Francisco
      Needs:WR, OL, DL, CB, S

    OT Austin Jackson. Perhaps a reach, but tackles are at a premium and Joe Staley is 36 years old.

    1. Kansas City
      Needs:CB, LB, RB, OL, DL

    LB Zack Baun. A dynamic LB who can rush gives the defending champs a useful piece on their quest to repeat.

  • many teams taking guys in the secondary.

  • I was also looking for the Seahawks pick and then I remembered that we won't likely pick anyone in the 1st and turn it into like 5+ picks.

  • There are probably 18 guys with a solid first round grade, lots of tweeners and some 2nd round grades that will get picked in the first round because its a "position of importance"..thats why I have so many OTs and CBs going in the first. If you really need an OT, you wont be able to wait.

  • That seems to be the case every year; a few OL standout because they played in a pro-system and understand blocking concepts opposed to having to teach everyone them.

    It's likely the reason why the Seahawks have to many OL on the roster right now; how many of these really young guys were taught how to block for the NFL game?

  • some amendments Id like to make after rethinking..

    at 17 Dallas will take LB/EDGE K'lavon Chaisson.
    AT 20 Jacksonville goes with Yetur Gross-Matos.

    Not sure who, but I suspect someone trades into 31 and "reaches" for UW's QB Eason.

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