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2020 Seattle Seahawks NFL Draft

  • Picks:

    Round Pick Position Name School
    1st 27 LB Jordyn Brooks Texas Tech
    2nd 48 (Seattle trades their 59th and 101st picks with the Jets) DE Darrell Taylor Tennessee
    3rd 69 (Seattle trades their 64th (2RD) and 69th (3RD) + 148 (5RD) OG Damien Lewis LSU
    4th 133 TE Colby Parkinson Stanford
    4th 144 (Compensatory) RB Deejay Dallas Miami
    5th 148 DE Alton Robinson Syracuse
    6th 214 (Compensatory) WR Freddie Swain Florida
    7th 251 (Seattle trades their 2021 6th round pick to the Dolphins) WR/TE Stephen Sullivan LSU

    Before the draft, John/Pete have 7 total picks 6 total picks.

    Seattle trades their 59th pick (2RD) & 101st pick (3RD) to move up for the Jets' 48th pick (2RD).

    Their 3rd round pick was spent on 2019 DE Jadeveon Clowney.
    The Seahawks acquired the Pittsburgh 5th Round for TE Nick Vannett but later traded that to Washington in the offseason for CB Quinton Dunbar.
    Their 5th round pick was spent on 2019 S Quandre Diggs.
    Their 6th round pick was spent on a 2019 7th Round Pick (Used on WR John Ursua).
    Their 7th round pick was spent on 2019 TE Jacob Hollister.

  • So before we even draft; we'll have the following players from the 2020 Draft:

    CB Quinton Dunbar (pushing for the RCB starting job with Tre Flowers)
    FS Quandre Diggs with Bradley McDougald
    Then you had in two depth guys (one to played a lot down the stretch) in WR John Ursua and TE Jacob Hollister who already played with the team in 2019.

    I like the idea that in the NFL you trade/acquire proven taken over potential. And with all of these being picks in the 5th round and later it's amazing they are adding to the team in non-traditional ways.

  • That 7th rounder for Hollister is capital well spent. There are few good TEs this year at all, muchless in the 7th round.. plus he was already the 3rd leading receiver last year. Not many teams can say their 3rd leading TE one year is their 3rd string TE the next. Implies some real depth at TE.

  • The biggest talk of the draft so far is that no trades were made in the first 10 picks.

    SF makes the first trade of the draft by trading with Tampa by giving up their 13th and 245th for TB's 14th pick and 117th. That's a lot of picks to move up by one spot.

  • SF uses their 14th pick to select DT Javon Kinlaw from South Carolina.

    This move was to replace DeForest Buckner who the Niners traded to the Colts in the offseason.

    The Rams do not have a 1st round pick; the Niners and the Seahawks are the only other teams in the NFC West with picks in the 1st round now as Arizona went with LB Issiah Simmons from Clemson.

  • The Niners trade up to #25 (with the Vikings; 2 spots ahead of Seattle).

    Niners give up 31st, 117th & 176th
    Vikings give up 25th

  • That give sthe Niners three two 1st-round picks:

    14th overall DT Javon Kinlaw
    25th overall WR Brandon Aiyuk
    31st overall [ ]

  • Yahoo! loves our draft so far:


    Before the Brooks pick, the lowest draft grade was a C-. #Winning

  • @sammyc521 they used the 31st to move up to 25.

  • So the Seahawks end up with the following:

    • 1 Tackle-machine MLB (who may line up at OLB)
    • 2 Edge Rushers
    • 1 Running Back (who loves to pass block)
    • 1 Run blocking OG
    • 1 Giant-sized TE
    • 2 WRs (one who lined up at TE for LSU but they're displaying as WR)

    I went into this draft hoping that they'd address the secondary (no one drafted but they did acquire CB Quinton Dunbar for a 5th), a Running Back (check), and Pass-Rush Help (2.5x checks). I think that grabbing pass-catchers was a luxury but I also am not super excited about our health/depth at either WR/TE outside of like 3 players (Lockett, Metcalf and Hollister).

    Overall, I am excited about the positions they drafted. I never, never understand what goes into drafting one player over another. I know that a lot of media/fans are upset that they could have ended up with the Raven's draft class but whatever. Hope to see these guys on the field and the Seahawks signed WSU QB Anthony Gordon as a UDFA, so they may have found a back-up QB.

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