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Garafalo says slim to none chance Clowney stays with Seattle

  • 950 KJR
    "Seahawks potentially moving on to plan B, C & D. The Seahawks aren't actively chasing Clowney right now. But who knows, never say never."


    950 KJR @SportsRadioKJR
    The chances of Clowney returning as a Seahawk?

    "Idk if he's going to be back in Seattle. The chances are slim to none."

    Per -@MikeGarafolo

    Bruce, Mayowa, and maybe Everson Griffin and/or Bennett doesn't do it for me. No Clowney? Go get Yannick. Thats how I feel about it. I'm wondering if they would be willing to pay Yannick more than Clowney because of Clowney's injury history? Maybe they are willing to do what they need to do (cut Britt, restructure Russ... maybe... just throwing it out there) to get Yannick signed. Screw the 1st round pick. Most 1st rounders never really did much for the Hawks anyways.

  • I think there's a case to be made that the Seahawks are locked into Clowney at a specific price and Clowney has to look at "who gives him the best chance to win" + "who's gonna pay me?"

    There's also not a huge bennefit for him to sign now if he knows that Seattle's offer is on the table still; why not see if someone panics and offers him stupid money? The likelihood of Seattle backing away without a competing offer seems much smaller.

    I think that Clowney is still hoping for a team to bust the bank for him and that it's about saving face too as to why he hasn't signed with Seattle.

    Either way, bring on Everson Griffin!

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