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The panic

  • I hope that everyone is feeling well during this "Captain Tripps" epidemic. Things are getting nuts all over the country. My friends in Pennsylvania tell me that there is a sudden spike in "carrying a gun" permit requests. Can you imagine a "clean up in aisle 2" because there was a gunfight in the TP Corral?

  • Man.. this is really bringing out the worst in people. Probably the best too, but its less obvious. Profiteering, panicky, defying advice as a badge of honor.. Fox News, while their own CORPORATE policies treated Corona seriously spouted nonsense on their airwaves..

    Meanwhile, over here, we havent had a bad time with this really ..even though the government has done very little officially. Schools were cancelled..and that seemed to impress on everyone what we need to do..and people just voluntarily have been doing the right despite us getting the virus early, if you take out our ship of death (the cruise ship Diamond Princess) we have remarkably low numbers. Watching the US, man, it just seems.. so screwed. Hope Im wrong.

  • @Veda-the-Moor
    It's nuts here. Of course everybody in the states is normally nuts. This is just magnifying it to the N'th degree.

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