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Seahawks resign Jarran Reed and Luke Wilson


    Price for Reed seems a little steep but I bet he'll get back to his pass-rushing self this season. The time he missed last season didn't do him any favors.

    Luke is back on a one year deal. That makes 4 TE's if Dissly is truly coming back. Is Luke just insurance in case Dissly can't make it back? Hope not. Dissly has had bad injury luck but he sure looks good when healthy.

  • With the new CBA the salary cap will explode in the next couple years so I think thats taken into consideration.

    Holister got the 2nd round tender, which is interesting. With the other moves I had thought maybe they werent quite happy with him. I think we are in for a LOT of 2 TE formations next season..if there is one.

    David Moore just got a 7th round (original round) tender.. I wouldnt be surprised if someone poached him actually.

  • Seahawks added a OL; BJ Finney signs a 2-year deal for $8M. He has 13-starts under his belt and seems like he can play multiple spots.

    This is a classic Seahawks move. Let's see if it pans out.

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