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Compensatory Picks Awarded!

  • The Seahawks were awarded 1 pick in rounds 3,4, and 6. The 101st overall, the 144th overall and the 214th. Not too shabby.

  • Those are some solid picks for the Seahawks. Three extra picks (and now they can be traded) gives them a lot of trade ammunition.

  • That gives them 8 picks overall.. I think we might see a combo of moving up and down. For sure the 1st rounder is gone.. JS will want to break it down into pieces to make it easier to move around. What I mean is, he likes to move around obviously, but to do that you dont just need picks, you need picks of different values so you can mix and match values with other teams. I think our first pick we use will be in the middle third of the 2nd round.

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