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2020 NFL Draft Combine

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    I doubt we'll ever find another Russell Wilson for the Seahawks but I can hope.

    Good luck to all the players in the combine; maybe some will fall to us like DK Metcalf.

    Youtube Video

  • I got to watch WR's on Friday. The first group in particular. While I do pay attention to the measurables I like the position drills especially. A couple WR's stood out to me in that regard: Duvernay, Jefferson, Claypool, and Hightower. (Need to look up first names.Lol!) Claypool was an all around standout. 6'4 238lbs, 40.5" vert. 4.42 40yd. Caught the ball real easy. The other guys listed all around did great too and looked good in drills to me.

    Today (Saturday) is Defensive Linemen. Currently watching 300+lbers run 4.7s and 4.8s. Unreal....

  • Interior D-linemen Gallimore, Blacklock, Madubuike, Khalil Davis looking pretty good through drills today.

  • I dont get a chance to Im waiting for it all to be over and then will go through it all at once and see what was good.

    Saw the LBs were amazing and the TEs a disaster...

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