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Russell Wilson speaks out against the CBA


    Russ doing some un-Russ like things lately.. telling the Seahawks what he wants, now speaking out against the CBA.

    A bit of finding his voice as he becomes a senior member of the elite in the NFL?

  • More and more I hear about this CBA the more I think the majority of players will vote for it. They're gonna look at less practices, more games, less preseason and more money per game.

    The stars like Wilson, Watt and others will be hurt but they comprise less of the league that guys on rookie deals and vet minimums. Hard to ask those guys to not take a pay increase.

  • The CBA seems weird to me. Nothing the players profess to care about are they fighting for.. a few more scraps thrown their way and they are satisfied. It befuddles me.

  • So what I'm reading/seeing more now is that the CBA isn't a bad deal per say but that the NFLPA could get a better deal.

    I think the problem is that the salaries are weighted to a few select players on each team while everyone else is on such cheap deals... there are more players on that end than ones making top-dollar.

    So unless the high-priced players can find justifiable reasons to let everyone follow them I don't see how the new CBA fails.

  • It looks like a divide and conquer deal to me.. offer the majority a few more scraps they cant resist.. divide the players.

    The whole discipline procedure is what the players should care about..and fines for things that are penalized in game.. but not a peep..

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