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The High Republic

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    So they're gonna start with some books, but it sounds like the idea is that they'd like to make this new era the focus of Star Wars for the coming future.

    They basically stuck a bunch of writers in a room and had them hash out a new Star Wars universe. Will be interesting to see how this all comes to fruition and how it's received by the fan base. Will this stuff get into TV shows? Movies? Does this have what it takes to move us past the Skywalkers? Will it satisfy the factions clamoring for old republic era content?

  • I think it's a good decision to create a universe to build around; one of the biggest things the OG Trilogy does well.

    I am looking forward to what they think the Star Wars Universe would look like 200+ years before the Phantom Menace. My only fear is that Star Wars loves to just recycle the same thing again and again.

    There's a lot of repeat archetypes and I'm hoping they can provide more depth and challenge the ideas of who lives in the Star Wars universe. I think it's also very capable as shown with Jedi: Fallen Order.

  • This is all about execution. I've never been a huge fan of how the Jedi were handled in the prequels, but that is canon, so I don't really expect them to do anything to contradict that. That said, Luke's revelation of the failure and hubris of the Jedi, the arrogance, the error of attempting to claim the Force as their own, letting the Sith come back into power, those concepts and ideas could be a factor in the storytelling of this era.

    If they build a rich world with interesting characters and fun, exciting stories then I'll be all in. This seems to be them committing to going in a new direction. I do not expect them to use this to go away from kid/young adult friendly, progressive content. This will probably be about teenagers and about girls and about inclusiveness and intersectionality, so if that's something that has stopped people from being interested or enjoying the sequel trilogy, I highly doubt this new era is going to do much to change that.

    BUT it all comes down to the storytelling to me. Do a good job of that and a lot of the other issues will fall by the wayside over time.

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