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14 NFL Playoff teams becoming reality

  • NFL playoff structure is about to be changed. Under the current CBA proposal, seven teams from each conference will make the playoffs, with only bye per conference, sources tell ESPN. It would go into effect this upcoming season. More coming on

    Per Schefter

  • Boo. Boo this.

    6 in is so elegant.

  • Ugh... I hate this. I know it makes more money for the league but I hate that idea that you're adding a 3rd Wild Card team.

    The NFL Playoff format was genius and the best.

  • They keep thinking they can do no wrong..pushing and pushing.. and eventually it will turn on them if they continue in this direction. They should be seeking to make more money with things like minor leagues, market expansion, products..not with saturating the market. Frankly, although its not reflected in the money yet I think there has been a sea change.. Im far more of a Seahawk fan than an NFL fan, and my attitude towards the NFL has started to harden.. I find myself occasionally sick of it and have even wondered actively what would have to happen for me to turn away..

    I dont think my interest in the XFL is unrelated..going all the way back to the USFL Ive never had any interest in any other leagues ..arena, Europe, World..the previous XFL.. but now, Im open to it..

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