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TE Greg Olson Signs a 1-Year Deal with Seattle

  • Adam Schefter Twitter:

    Former Panthers’ TE Greg Olsen is signing a one-year, $7 million deal that includes $5.5M gtd with the Seahawks, per source. Olsen visited and negotiated with Buffalo, Seattle and Washington but felt most comfortable with the Seahawks.

    Olsen wrote on Feb 1st:


    I think it's a good (maybe a little pricey) deal. It's a solid pass-catching TE that is something the Seahawks could have really used. I never liked that the fact that we had to throw to Holister so many times when I questioned his reliability.

  • Another interesting note, the Seahawks will not play the Carolina Panthers this year... which seems like a first.

    Since the NFC West is not playing the NFC South, we are playing the 2nd seed NFC South team (Atlanta - Dan Quinn Revenge game) there will be no Seahawks - Panthers game. The Panthers finished 4th in the South and will play the Cardinals.

  • @sammyc521 Must mean the Panthers will fluke it through to the Divisional round at the Clink.

  • I mean... I don't trust their current QB or the injured one (Newton) staying with the team during this offseason. I would love to see the Panthers in the playoffs in Centurlink because that means we're a division winner hosting a game in the playoffs. I'm sold - sign me up!

    The Panthers are an interesting team when they had a healthy Newton and Rivera. It's obvious the Panther have a strong offensive player in McCaffery but he shows his limitations. As great as he is, he was not willing his team to win games. The league is driven by QBs and they did not have a good QB at the helm.

    Strip away all the things and the QB defines the team. So adding a TE who only dropped 4 passes in the past four years, color me excited for Olson. I dream of a healthy TE Core with Dissly and Olson/Hollister but I am fearful that it may never happen.

  • I worry about his health.. I mean, I havent watched him play just know him mostly through occasional Panther- Seahawks games and from Fantasy.. and in Fantasy hes that guy you cant draft based on production because he comes with the "if he plays" caveat. 5.5 million guaranteed.. but, we will see. Probably be him, Dissly and Hollister then I guess. Given health issues maybe they keep a 4th TE? Also would make sense if they lose Fant and still want to use 2 TE formations a lot. If they keep a 4th either a draft pick or a cheap FA. Doubt Willson makes it this year, much as I dig that guy.

  • alt text

    Greg Olson officially signs with the Seahawks today.

  • Pretty sure his twin brother was a serial killer in Florida...

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