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XFL: Seattle Dragons

  • Started watching at the 2-minute drill and so far it looks like standard football.

    Under 2-minutes, the game is setup to help the offense.

    Cool to see the live mic on Head Coach Zim Zorn.

    Former Seahawks WR (Navy QB) Kenaan Reynold beat his man but the Dragons QB ended up throwing a pass way behind; almost like a back-shoulder throw. He did end up scoring on a 1-point conversion (there's no kicking PAT; there's 1-, 2- or 3-point conversion opportunities after a TD.

    And now on the kick-off, the ball has to go beyond the receiving teams 20 and if it does not, it goes to the opponents 45 yard line. So that penalty ends up being a 35-yard penalty.

    The live mic is cool because it's the team and not the announcers filling the gaps.

  • Thanks for the video Sammy. Gonna need to find a way to watch live. Not bad quality at all.. Seattle Dragons might switch QBs before too long I would guess..

    Entertaining for sure.

  • Austin Proehl might be RIcky Proehl's son I would think...

  • Quite entertaining and a bit of everything.. blocked punts, pick 6s, dramatic long catches.. for sure going to be watching this!

  • Confirmed! Austin Proehl is the son of Ricky Proehl who had a long, long NFL career including with the Seahawks.

  • Joe Horn's son is also playing, for New York I think. Or Tampa Bay. Can't remember.

  • I watched all 4 games this weekend and I loved it. I really think this league has at least a chance at having some staying power. The production quality is top notch. It really felt like watching an NFL game, when last year's AAF felt more like watching Arena League. And although the games weren't all that close for the most part, they were all mostly competitive and exciting. I'm already looking forward to next weekend.

  • I liked it better than I expected too and some of the rule ideas and listening in on the booth reviews was kind of cool. I'm wondering if some of this stuff is adopted. Didn't really feel gimmicky to me which was unexpected.

  • Im way more into it than expected.. followed some players on Twitter, read box scores and watched some highlights.

    Love the kickoff rule, love the 1,2, or 3 pt extra point.. and it gave me an idea also that would never be adopted but would lead to a more exciting style of passing game in the NFL -- 1 pt. for any play that gains more than 20 yards. Been watching some XFL and some old school football (1976-1983 Seahawks games..full length on Youtube..dont judge me) and man.. when there were more long passes, and passing completions were lower and there were more INTs.. it actually was cooler and funner.

    Ive heard the Dragons are hoping to get 30,000 people to their stadium for their home opener!

  • There is expected to be 30,000+ people going to the Dragon's first home opener this weekend.

    Only the lower bowl will be open but it appears to be sold out.

  • Dude... the Dragon's QB sucks.

    Starts the 2nd QTR 1/6 for 6 yards...

  • Silver has now gone 5/7 and sits at 6/13 with 23 yards....

    And on his 14th pass he throws a pick-six...

  • And former Seahawks WR Keenan Reynolds scores by slighting the safeties on a great pass from the Dragon's QB (the one I was just shitting on).

    Seattle had the chance to tie it with a 3-point score but didn't convert.

  • Youtube Video

    Seattle holds off with late game heroics on defense but they made it awful close.

    The game makes a 9-point game still a 1-score affair so an entertaining game and congratulations to the Dragons for their first XFL win.

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