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What would a Russell Wilson-focused offense look like?

  • If you could have complete control over the offense, what would you like it to look like?

  • I dont think I would want to change to concepts much, just would hope to improve the execution. I would probably try to add a couple things:

    I would roll the dice and put the read option back in , from the first quarter. Let Wilson play with every tool in his tool kit.
    It would improve the regular running game, keep defenses off balance again. He isnt Lamar Jackson, but he has the ability to change the game in this way.

    Also I would add in a few more timing routes than they have. Slants arent really Wilson's strongest suit..he CAN see, but its a route you can take away from him if youre trying..but a deeper slant and also on some fade routes would work I believe.

    Clearly there are benefits to a balanced offense and this year in the NFL showed that more than ever. It also showed that the overall philosophy of Seattle isnt outdated. It showed you have to execute. But with an imperfect implementation of it, we got to the Division round of the playoffs and it was the defense that was the limiting factor. It needs some more play makers.

  • Good question. Contrary to popular opinion I wouldn't change much. I mirror most of Veda's thoughts. The only difference would be to continue the rise in being more aggressive on early downs and being less predictable. I think execution can always improve but It's hard to execute at a much higher level than Wilson is already doing. For the all the things we can nitpick he's still in the MVP discussion. So I would argue we need to be a little more creative in our run game. More trap work, inside zone, outside zone etc. mix it all up, just get a little less predictable and more creative overall. Everyone likes to point to San Fran and Baltimore as to why a run heavy system can work but those run games look nothing like ours. Like Veda said a little more read option, get Russ more involved.

    It sounds like I'm copying from above but utilize the whole tool kit from the first quarter on. Continue to expand Metcalf's role like they did late in the year, don't be afraid to mix in a quick strike pass offense at times when protection cant hold too. Schott gets a ton of hate but he's also brought out the best in Wilson and was better in year two than he was in year one. I really want to see a healthy Dissly, improved line and maybe one extra piece and see what this offense does.

  • We can point to all kinds of running offenses that work. The fact is..they still work. and it actually makes sense for a lot of reason. The pseudo analytics people are staying at a giant whole in there hypothesis and dont acknowledge it at all. Their model clearly is leaving out a dynamic of how the running game affects a game. You can say other teams running games dont look like ours.. (and now youre leaving analytics..) but they say flat out running game is simply less efficient. And in a vacuum, sort of treating football like baseball..thats true. Unfortunately its all connected in football and its a very, very complicated dynamic. Then you get to the fact that most teams are out there spending huge money on pass rushers, driving their value beyond what a sack is worth.. then CBs are over when you finally roll out a run heavy offense against teams that have been forced to build pass defense strong defenses.. its not a surprise teams like Tennessee has success handing the ball off 30 times in the playoffs. Im NOT in favor of that, by the way, Im in favor of a balanced offense that can GAME PLAN that way when needed.. One thing I like about the Patriots is that they are the closest football has to Bruce Lee's philosophy of "be like water".. develop sound fundamentals.. then do what the game gives you.

    That said I mostly agree with Austin. Because although you cant win a game in the 1st quarter you ARE allowed to score points there (I looked it up). So, as I said, mostly Im just of the mind that while he still can.. use Wilson more on the read option. The minute defenses have to respect that you increase your yards per carry, yards per play, and increase the percentage chance of a Big Play.

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