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Russell killing it at the Skill Throwing Competition in the ProBowl

  • Youtube Video – [09:30..]

    Wilson scored 19 of the NFC's 43 points. There were three throws, Cousins and non-QB Davante Adams (WR).

  • Hot take Lamar Jackson is going to come back down to earth. It's lame to use the skills challenge as proof he is overrated as a passer but I ultimately think he is and as teams scheme better for the unique running attack I don't think he has the ability to win with his arm like Mahomes, Wilson, Watson all have. He could very well develop this but I don't think he's there yet. Another hot take. Kyler Murray will have a better career than Lamar Jackson. I hope this board doesn't exist if I'm wrong....

  • I think that Jackson can be a quality QB but I dont think his accuracy will greatly improve. I believe that one of the only QB stats that Carrie's over from college to the NFL is accuracy ratings.

    His biggest asset will be his running ability but that opens him to potential injury which was the same thing that plague other "generational runnings QBs."

  • Russell Wilson kinda sucks at dodgeball. I watched last years and this years dodgeball from the ProBowl competition..and yea..its his big weakness. (I play dodgeball as well so its the event I am most into at the Pro Bowl thing..).

    RE: Jackson.. I kind of expected him to drop off this year when teams caught on but it didnt happen so we will see. His style of play makes football 11 on 11 and that will always help when compared to some others.

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