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Artwork of the original Episode IX

  • I like Rise of Skywalker..but still .. this looks like a better movie:

  • Cool imagery. This looks like it would have been at least two movies; but then I'm not sure how they fit all the stuff for TROS in that time they did.

    I don't want to harp on "missed opportunities" but the lack of a real space battle was disappointing. The best one in the entire canon is still Rogue One. If we had gotten a "citizens vs. First Order" i think it would be harder to put together without dedicating that to the sole focus.

    Maybe instead of TROSkywalker it would have been "The Rise of the Republic."

    Still awesome images. What makes Star Wars cool is that they mean so much that you can take one and create your own story on how they got to that image and it would make sense in this universe.

  • I missed real battles in TLJ.. there was one mini one at the beginning and it was ridiculous. But when I mentioned missing the battles I was shouted down. TLJ didnt really have any battles.. a few skiffs go out to stop the FIrst Order on Crait..not a real battle.

    For me, I like the Battle of Yavin.. thats the only one where they really focus much on the pilot experience of it. ROTJ of the Jedi somewhat.

    Rogue Ones is nice though.

  • Trevorrow's story seems cool but it's really easy to say that it looks better than what we got when there's no way to know for sure how it would have turned out as a movie.

    I like the opening battle of TLJ (even though those bombers were about as effective as Grievous's extra arms/lightsabers were vs Obi Wan) and I really enjoyed the Battle of Crait/Millenium Falcon chase, and even the short battle when the bridge of the Raddus gets blown up. The battles in TFA and TRoS are mostly good. But none of the battles in the ST spend nearly enough time focusing on the battle itself, focusing on the pilot's experiences like Veda mentioned.

  • Its a very good point really.. its easy to say something un made was going to be great because the execution of it gets made in your mind..which makes it awesome. I do think there were some cool ideas.

    Im currently going through a tough phase that ..sadly the short comings of RoS are sort of coming to the surface more for me.. Someone said something to me that totally made sense..though I only agree with it partly: JJ Abrams was a good DIRECTOR for Star Wars films but not a good WRITER for Star Wars films. But even that Im not sure about.. he has a sort of ADHD style.. so when I saw his Star Trek movies I was like "this dude should do Star Wars"..because he made Star Trek sorta Star Wars-y.. right? But he moves EVERYTHING up a he turned Star Wars into.. a music video without the music? Like..dude.. let a scene develop.. let the setting sizzle.. let us hang out in that festival.. let us explore the Death Star ruins more.. let the mood set in sometimes man.. fewer set pieces and more atmosphere.

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