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Star Wars Clones Wars (Season 7) Disney+

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    I never watched the original Clone Wars show when it aired... mostly because I wasn't a fan of the Prequel Trilogy.

    I don't imagine that I'll watch all of Seasons 1-6 to catch up. I barely muscled through Star Wars Rebels (I watched 1-3 and just watch a highlight of season 4). Mostly what I have a hard time with is that these are geared towards kids so I question how people can be so foolish... but it comes back to the lessons you can learn I suppose.

    I may give Season 7 a view because I'll be hard-up for Star Wars content.

  • Yea.. I never watched it either except there was a movie I think.. I watched that..

    But its very hard to watch them because from what I can tell the stories are better..but they all hinge on a bunch of stuff that DOESNT make any sense.. so I cant get it to work in my mind. Even the fact that the Clones were on the side of the Republic makes no sense. You can excuse it and whatever..but people name wars after who they are fighting..not themselves. The Vietnam War..we fought Vietnam. The Mexican War, we fought Mexico.. you wouldnt name a war after the people you used to fight would name it The Clone Wars because the other side was using an unfamiliar technology or whatever....

    anyway.. doubt I will watch, but never say never!

  • That's so true... one of the many retcons by the Prequels.

    I liked the trailer so I am really entrigued by this seventh season. I know I'll give the first few episodes a try and then take it from there. I know that I am terrible when it comes to watching a TV show so if this can hook me I'll be impressed.

  • An interesting thing is popping up on when this particular season takes place.

    My guess is that it runs between Season 6 (duh) after the Clones come to rescue Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme in AOTC, and during ROTS. The trailer shows a clearly pregnant Padme talking to Anakin which would put this type of a conversation mid-way through ROTS as she does not let her pregnancy known until the movie has started.

    I would like to see Season 7 go up to Order 66 and show the fallout from the Jedi perspective and the aftermath of what happened to the Jedi's afterwards. The Clone Wars are officially over at the beginning of ROTS with Anakin killing Dooku but it will be interesting to see if they try to carry the show into ROTS.

  • Just watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. Cool Star Wars clone action that can actually hit a target. Introduction of a new mutated clone battalion with super skills.

    Without having watched the previous 6 seasons of the Clone Wars I don't feel like I've missed anything (I have watched the Prequels). The fact it was just a focus on the clones was a cool introduction into Season 7. I'm sure there are others who will have wanted more Jedi since that's what the Prequels really rely on (and for understandable reasons).

    My only beef was the childish Separatist droids and their childish Jar-Jar manner of speaking. Always caught of guard and always surprised... it gets old. I know that's how the droids were designed but I can still be annoyed by it.

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