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So.. the Superb Owl. Who ya got?

  • I will be pulling for the Chiefs though Im not happy about it. This could be the worst match up for me in a long time.. just not excited for it. That said, should be a close game I guess.

    Who is more excited than me and can stir up some interest for me? Who you pulling for and why?

  • I'll be rooting for KC but I don't really see them having much of a shot unless they bring their absolute A game and the 9ers drop a stinker. But I think the 9ers are too healthy and too well coached to do all that. I imagine it will go a lot like yesterday's game vs the Packers and our week 17 matchup; KC will fall behind early, they'll mount a comeback but it will be too little too late. I see a 2 score win for SF and the longest offseason in a long time.

    That get you fired up??

  • Not even close. Man, I didnt think of it as that lopsided. But thinking over it , this might be a pretty bad match up for the Chiefs..

  • I hope it's a great, close game and the Chiefs win it in the end, breaking the hearts of the 9ers "Faithful" so I don't have to hear 'bang bang' all offseason.

  • Seriously..I do NOT want to put up with a whole year of insufferable 49er fans....

  • In my experience Niner fans are the worst fair-weather fans in the universe!! I used to tend bar in No CA(Mendocino) from the late '70s until the early '90s.

    In the late 70s, early 80s, you wouldn't find 5 Niner fans the bar to watch the game. But as soon as they started winning the room was fulled to capacity +. When they lost to the 'Skins I had a figure of a cow's head behind the bar with feathers hanging of the snout. When Werching (SP?) missed the winning FG I paraded it around the back bar...LOL! And people tried to get me fired for it!!!! Too funny.

    There was another time the Niners were behind like 2 TDs in the 3rd Qtr, and 90% of the room left. True story. That's the kind of fans they are. And of course Montana made a comeback and the Niners won the game.

    I have more stories, but I guess you guys get the picture.

  • Chiefs. 49er fans are insufferable.

  • I think The Chiefs get the win. They are much better against the run with Chris Jones back and I don't think the Niners can keep up in a shoot out. To answer the question I'm pulling for them too.

  • This Superbowl is going to by like Superbowl 48; Niners are going to shut down Mahomes and it's going to be a boring SB.

    Niners win this one easy with that DL and secondary.

  • I don't think it's going to be as big of a wipe as 48 but II do believe that it will end the way it does for the same reasons.

  • So the game is tomorrow. Expecting the Chiefs to get blocked up and for the 49ers to just run and control the game that way.

  • Chiefs start 3 and out... is that a sign?

  • Niners open with two first downs and now they're on the Chiefs side of the field.

  • Right call to go for it.

    And it should have been a TD. Not sure how they saw him down.

    That's impressive.

  • What an ugly INT. I dont get why SF isn't running thr ball.

  • Why did the Niners not call a time out?

    They wasted like 40 seconds off the clock with 3 timeout left...

  • And wasting over 80 seconds before the half...

    What are these coaches doing?

  • Two INTs by Mahomes is not helping the Chiefs. The game is not over by any stretch with 8:24 but down 10 points when you've only scored 10 points so far is not helpful.

    Chiefs are going to a hurry up to see if they can move the ball more up-tempo.

    But 2 plays still take up 60+ seconds and now has led to a false start on the Chiefs.

  • And like that the Chiefs are now within 3 because the Niners got turned around even though they're getting great pressure.

  • Well that was a let-down.

    Note to self; don't trust Kyle Shannahan with a lead.

  • What do I win for the prediction? 🙂 The difference was QB play. Jimmy was great all night until it mattered in the high leverage moments. He had 3 3rd down misses and Mahomes had 3 big 3rd down plays he completed and that ended up being the difference. As much as I don't like the Niners it is really fun watching them play. Shanahan's offense is predicated on you not knowing what they're going to do and the run game stuff is incredible. You know they want to run it but they are so creative in pre/post snap movement. They aren't going anywhere I'm afraid. Overall I thought it was a fun SB and at least it was close. Good for Reid and Mahomes to get one.

  • I know Shannahan is going to get a lot of heat but I don't think this is really on him. I touched on it earlier but the 3 3rd down calls he called plays that produced a wide open Kittle twice and Sanders deep that seals it if it's not over thrown. The QB just has to make a play. Jimmy missed one throw, read the play wrong with a wide open Kittle over the middle and the mentioned Sanders play. But it's hard to erase two double digit lead losses on his resume so I get it.

  • There were signs all over the place that they dont really trust Jimmy G as they should..

    I wont kill Shanahan but I wont absolve him either.

    Entertaining game..wasnt able to be here for banter sadly..

    So.. the draft....

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