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NFL Championship Weekend Sunday 1/19

  • Youtube Video

    #6 Tennessee Titans @ #2 Kansas City Chiefs
    12:05 PM PST
    Odds: Kansas City -7
    Over/Under: 53
    Station: CBS

  • Youtube Video

    #2 Green Bay Packers @ #1 San Francisco 49ers
    3:40 PM PST
    Odds: San Francisco -7.5
    Over/Under: 46.5
    Station: FOX

  • I predicted big wins for both the Chiefs and Niners.

    Chiefs have shown they can come back from a deficit.

    Niners have shown they can win in all kinds of games as well.

  • I think the Titans shorten the game, stay patient and win the 4th quarter.

    49ers over Pack..sadly.

  • @Veda-the-Moor

    I think thata the only way for the Titans to win, limit Mahomes' snaps and try to shorten the game. Not sure if they can do it though.

  • I would love for a Titans victory mostly because I love the way Derrick Henry runs. Just a monster in cleats. I think even if they shorten the game, the Chiefs are made to strike quickly. I think for the Titans to have a chance in this one it will be if they can get and capitalize on turnovers. Win the turnover battle and they got a great chance.

    Green Bay has a chance if Rodgers and his pass catchers play outta their minds.However, I think that 9er D-line gonna go ham and really mess with Rodgers body, mind and soul. The damn 9ers are pretty much a lock for the Owl.

  • I'd like the Titans to win, simply because they beat the Pats. But I'm thinking KC stands a better chance to win. I wouldn't mind seeing Reid win a SB.

    I'm rooting for Packers simply because the Niner fans I've known are band wagoners. I used to bartend in No Ca and can attest to it. Grrr...

  • I lived in the Bay Area for 5 years and grew to hate the 49ers. The current players dont strike me as very likable although apparently in their area they are see as just that. Oddly enough I liked them more when I really DISLIKED them in 2012/3/4. I dont like Aaron Rodgers at all and find him insufferable so I still wont mind if the 49ers win but Im not really excited about either team. Ideally I hope the Titans set football back 40 years by winning it all and throwing 9 passes in the Super Bowl.

  • Running Derrick Henry 19 time vs. passing Tannehill 31 times seems to be the mistake.

    Tannehill had a great day by going for 209 yards, 2 TDs & 108.1 QB rating... But the Titans needed to limit the KC offense by grinding out clock and running Henry. Seemed like they played into KC's strength of playing a shoot-out and lost.

  • Hm... SF has passed the ball 4 times vs. 16 times so far and is now leading 17-0 and is on the doorstep of the Redzone...

    To have a running game to control the game and a DEF to back it up.

    Noted that A-A-Ron is 7/7 and is down 17 points in the 2nd.

  • Man... this GB/SF game is a bore...

    The packers have just clawed back to within 21 points with 14:34 left in the 4th QTR. Who do they think they are? Russell Wilson and his magic horseshoe?

    And they just tried an on-side kick and failed (haahahahahaha) and now gave the Niners the ball at the Packer 48. Jimmy G has only thrown the ball 6 times. That's less than 2 passes per QTR so far.

  • Man..these playoffs are giving the pseudo analytic guys so much to think about..but do you think they will re evaluate even for a second? Nope. They will NOT look at direct observational evidence and incorporate it. If running is completely inefficient and running backs dont matter then the entire playoffs make no sense. Its as if a car in 2nd gear beats a car in 5th gear every week.

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