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Thoughts on #422 Pod....

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    Veda said I don't get the point and that I want Russ to throw 40+ times. Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Maybe its because Twitter is a terrible avenue to get our points across but that is definitely not how I see it. I don't even think he needs to throw more at all. For me its always been sequencing, a forced philosophy in first halves and a reluctance to adapt when your initial approach isn't working. I like being a run centric team, it's when and how you choose to run that bottlenecks the rest of the offense at times. Running too much on first down, unnecessarily sticking with it for too long to start games(not the problem in the GB game) and a failure to be slightly more creative with your run game like San Fran and Baltimore are. Pete forces it at times and we dig holes we need an all time effort from Wilson to dig out of at times. I think being more efficient on early downs instead of being predictable would allow us to run more effectively overall. In fact I think it's possible you run more with a more efficient approach.

    First and second half differences:
    I differ than most in that I don't think it's a playcalling issue at all. I think it's more of a deep seeded philosophical mind set that Pete pushes really, really hard. It's the same set of plays for the most part but Russ doesn't take chances that he will when down later in games. He rolls out and instead of firing a contested ball or giving his WR a chance to win a one on one he won't pull the trigger. He's less likely to take off on a run for fear of getting hurt, less deep vertical strikes early in games. Much more running on early downs as well. In the second half the playbook is the same but Russ knows he has to take chances because of being down a bunch or time crunch. Not sure if this makes sense but hopefully the theme is coming across. bolded textBut again, I don't think its about overall passing volume at all. bolded text

    First half of GB game. I don't think they ran too much at all, it was how they ran. An over reliance on Lynch when Homer looked more explosive(love Lynch in short yardage though) Most of the problems with the first half was being a little too conservative as alluded above and the defense being terrible.

    GB game overall:
    I think Sam was right, staff failed to game plan for Adams. Someone said Griffin doesn't move around. Who says he can't? He seemed fine when matched up with Adams and I can't see not utilizing your best weapon against theirs when no one else is a threat, seemed really odd. I think most teams would either move him around and/or do more bracket type stuff to at least attempt to force someone else to beat you. Pete claimed they did but I saw a ton of one on ones with Adams which was cringeworthy.

    Base Defense:
    Did it work? We were bottom 5 or close in almost every metric used to measure a defense. Like Veda said I'm not sure what the cause is. Is it the players? Scheme? Both? At first glance we have more individual talent than many teams ranked much higher than us. Clowney, Wagner, Griffin, KJ, Reed, Ford, Kendricks, Diggs, Bradley etc is a talented group, I think. I've seen defenses do much better with less talent. I do think the linebackers at this state are slightly overrated but they're still good by any measure. So again I really have no idea. I think(a guess) Norton is pretty bad situationally. I also think they're probably not using Clowney in the right way and Pete is being a little stubborn adapting his style to his players but this is all a guess....

    I think they contend for a SB. I don't think they hit edge in the draft but go after that in FA, something they've had success with in the past. It's not a great draft for edge rush unless we get lucky and someone falls. I think they hit the Oline and WR somewhat heavy in the draft. Once Lockett got hurt the WR group was bad and I don't think they want to go through that again. This is a massive draft for WR so don't be surprised if they grab one in rounds 1-3. I think they make a couple of splash plays in FA and/or trades.

    Chiefs over Tennesee. If Tenn can keep it close they have a great shot as KC can't stop the run. But if KC Jumps on them I can't see the Titans keeping up.

    San Fran over GB: I think the Packers just match up terribly against the Niners. I do think Seattle would beat SF if they got past GB. I think Seattle wants Clowney to return but because they misused him I think he ends up leaving for slightly more money somewhere else even though he loves it here. Reed comes back at a bargain and plays better next year. Britt will be cut after drafting a center early. If they don't he's kept at a discount, RW is going to light it up in the Pro Bowl, Trade back in the first and I think that's it.
    Shout out to anyone who is still reading this which I seriously doubt....

    This is already getting way too long and no one is going to read it so I'll stop here but wanted to say I think that was possibly your best pod yet. Nice work guys.

  • Thank you for the kind words @austinslater25.

    I appreciate the long form response to the Podcast. I do agree that if we go back and review play-by-play sequence they were opportunities to fix them.

    The biggest one being that one drive they ran it with Lynch three times in a row; 7 yards, 1, yard, 1 yard, punt.

    Once thing I didn't get to mention was I really appreciated Travis Homer on his Chipping plays, he looks to blow up a DL before he runs his route.

  • Thanks Austin for the reply! Really appreciate it and I think its great to have a chance to follow up.

    I apologize if I mis-characterized your feelings on what you want Wilson to do and put you too much in the "Just let Wilson cook" camp. (I really hate that phrase and cant way for it to go out of style).

    Sequencing is a tricky thing.. and the 3 straight runs to Lynch, for example, looks bad. But the first WAS 7 yards.. 2nd and 3 a run isnt that bad and you like to think you can pick up 2 yards on 3rd and 2... I cant count how many times Ive heard people tell me when you need two yards its practically self evident you give it to Lynch.. going back to the Day That Shall Not be Named.
    but I get it. When I dont go after play calling, its not so much that I ever deny it doesnt matter.. its that it , personally, feels cheap to me. We can all call the perfect play after the fact and we can all assert it would work.. but we dont know. And with that weakness right there at C and LG.. its tough to say what would have worked. We had a hard time on third downs because once the parameters were closed that weakness was easier to exploit. Flood the A gap, pass or run, and we are in trouble.

    1st and 2nd half differences I agree and disagree. I 100% agree as long as he is capable, Russ has to run more as I said in the podcast. We shouldnt be content to play 10 vs 11 if we dont have to..and we dont have to. When there is a threat the QB runs it opens up a lot more , even for other players. Deep balls Im not so worried about..I dont mind SOME feeling out of what the other team is doing. Too many times in our hay days did we go into games and the defenses had essentially set traps.. teams that never ran zone blitzes ran them, or a team that played constant Cover 4 went to COver 4 Palms or whatever. So..its alright to take it easy at first.. but let Russ do what he did to earn the pay check. Not sure if the deep philosophy of Pete is really why we dont score. This philosophy doesnt say to not score, and in years past and times this season we scored in the first quarter and half. Maybe its some over emphasis of this.. Ive played with that idea myself.. but it doesnt really explain it to my mind. Schotty isnt actually calling plays to not work, WRs dont run routes and not try to win them, RBs dont not do their best on every carry and the O linemen dont NOT try to win their blocks. I wonder at this point if its something in their routine.

    Finally.. base defense. Yea..Seahawks were bottom whatever in a lot of stats..and clearly we didnt have a great Defense. But considering what the rest of the NFL thinks about the would have expected it to be worse. I think there is a lot to be learned from it, from someoen who wants to take the time. If Diggs had played all season, if Reed had played all season, and if the pass rush had been better.. running the same defense, where would we have been? It was a "tell" in coverage most of the time..but it also pushed teams to mostly throw underneath all game long. This is where a lot of the bad stats come into play.. letting teams drive, but waiting for their mistake because if they have to run 12 plays they are much more likely to have a failure or back to back incomplete situation than if they run 6 plays.. and once the field lenghtens especially.. it doesnt really matter if its technically a LB covering a WR, if the route is a 6 yard in or a 5 yard crossing route. With the right personnel I wonder what it could do, I admit.

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