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#27 pick overall

  • So.. The #27 pick overall.

    what do you want to do with it? Stay pat? Move down? Move up? Like many you have learned at the foot of JS I love moving down most years..but depending on whats there this is a year I think Id like to spend our capitol on taking more players at the top of the draft. Use our pics to move into the teens maybe in the first round..

    More than roster-making players this year I want to snag 2, 3 difference makers.

  • This pick is gonna be moved. To Pete/John, the value of getting more picks to move around in the 2nd and worth whoever the 27th pick is going to be.

    Our last late 1st Rounders have been Ifedi and LJ Collier.

    The jury is out on LJ who is projected to be a Michael Bennett-like DL. It took a couple of years for Bennett to get meaningful playing time.

    I know that Ifedi is everyone's favorite scapegoat for his excessive false starts and ineffectual growth as a late-first rounder. I think he was good enough for what we got out of him but if we walks to another team I won't be shocked. There are worse teams with more money out there trying to fix the OL fast.

  • I think they trade down. Late first has been an absolute disaster for them. I think they saw Collier as an instant impact guy even though he was a little raw. He was a 25 year old rookie this year and was a healthy scratch as a first round pick. That rarely happens. Maybe he ends up being really good but I would be shocked. It was a position of need, you're a first rounder and you couldn't suit up?

    Anyway I think the trade down to recoup some picks given up in a splash trade before the draft.

    In rounds 1-3 in general I think WR is a potential surprise pick for many and offensive line gets hit.

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