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Aaron Hernandez Doc on Netflix

  • Who is watching? Not a ton of new new info if you read it..but more in depth and seeing it all presented straight up with all the connections made and the language being straight forward instead of the necessary conditionals during the trial.. man.. its a trip.

  • I read Dan Wetzel's article on it (he was a producer for this doc) and if anything, it showed me that a lot of people are influenced based on who's around them.

    To a degree, Hernandez built up this persona of a super, macho NFL player and probably ran into people that didn't care about that which caused him to confront more people and all that confrontation lead to his paranoia about people coming after him.

    I can't say that I would be really interested in watching it as I don't think I'd learn anything new that hasn't already been reported (Wetzel's article was super interesting) and I don't want to spend time on someone who ended up being a huge monster.

    Here's a link to the article if you don't have Netflix or sit down to watch the series:

  • I thought it was good. Getting to hear his phone calls and the way he spoke to people, particularly the way he spoke to his mom and how he got more "hood" when he was speaking to his friends. Clearly this was a dude who was very insecure and struggled dealing with emotional trauma who self medicated, had a very physical and competitive nature, mix all that in with some CTE and the volatility is off the charts.

    Sad story, crazy to think that when he caught that touchdown on Jeron Johnson in 2012 he had already murdered somebody.

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