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First Take on Russell Wilson

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    Based on previous discussions outside of here I'm guessing most will disagree but I think they were a little more objective than the fire Pete crowd. Nick Wright sums up my thoughts fairly closely.

  • He also maligned the Seahawks for their game plan in last year's playoff and then equated their 32 RB rushes (across two games) as the reason for their loss against GB. I totally agree that our Rushing is terrible. But there are meaningful runs we are getting and did get in that last game. I also think it's a false image to say that Russ did not have the ball in his hands to help win this game.

    When Russ runs the ball, those aren't scripted. Those are him choosing to make a play with his legs (as a last resort) because nothing is open downfield.

    I believe in what Canty said; paying your QB that much money means you have less money to go around. Going to volume passing opens him more hits and potential injury.

    The analogy of "If you buy a nice car, you're careful with it but you still drive it." I agree with that to a degree but the secondary analogy is "if you break this car, you're walking."


    I don't take issue to people making that stance, but I think it's more about quality production of those rushes. Of the 16 rushes in the GB game, two of them scored a TD and 6 plays went for 4+ yards and 8 went for less than 3 yards (most were 0 or 1 yard gains). I don't think the running game was the problem.

    Russell is not just trying to overcome a bad running game (with their top-3 players out) but also a bad defense. For all the Ugo Amadi talk, he's still a rookie and got abused on a TD to Davante. Same happened to him and Hill on a corner route that got them the first conversion when Seattle DEF got them into 3rd and long.

  • @sammyc521 I really don't have a problem with the 32 runs. My biggest issue with the run game is sequencing, I think Matty and others have talked about this recently as well. It's when we run at times that could probably be adjusted and I think they will. The only other issue with the GB game is lynch getting more work than Homer. I think Homer looked better between the 20's. That was the one area I split from Wright on. 16 runs a game in the playoffs is completely reasonable and many of those were in short yardage situations. The Dallas game I think was a mess but that's been discussed as nauseum.

  • Schott has been underrated by many, myself included this year. His designs, adjustments have both been pretty good. Like I said above his sequencing is a little predictable at times and they could probably do a little better if he fixes that issue but overall the offense this year was fantastic considering you lost your best receiver to retirement, your promising TE in Dissly and your top 2 running backs as well as your line being bad again.

  • Honestly after the run of injuries at RB, and having to bring back Turnin and Lynch I think Pc Was probably deciding himself a bit about what Lynch would be able to do. I wouid probably have preferred he used Homer in a workhorse role . But at the end of the day you’re facing a 13-3 Packer team that was mostly healthy while we rolled out a 4th string RB, a rookie 3rd string LG, Joey Hunt at center, etc. As someone pointed out, we don’t need a scapegoat . We didn’t drop a game we were hugely favored in like the Ravens did. We played a very good team very close and came up a little short.

    I for one am at peace with it.

  • @Veda-the-Moor yeah all and all it was a pretty fun year.

  • As a fan, I thought it was a terrific year, and all things considered, we overachieved. 'Hawks are such a young team overall, and although injuries are part of the game, they were too many injuries to key players. two cents.

  • I think what is frustrating for a lot of fans is that because we play a brand of football that allows them to be within the game 95% of the time, every game seems like it's just one thing that stopped us from getting a win.

    I would rather be competitive than get blown out like the Ravens. They're a super young team and will probably compete well next year but that was a huge wasted opportunity for them. I dont feel that way with this Seahawks team in 2019.

  • @sammyc521 I get that. Baltimore hasn't shown it can come back from a deficit but I think that just highlights the differences between Wilson and Jackson. Maybe Jackson develops that ability in the future but he's just not there yet. Im not sure it's because of a difference in approach or scheme. Wilson is just incredible.

  • Agreed that Wilson is incredible but I don't think I can reconcile the idea people are throwing out there that Wilson is being "held-back" after having one of his greatest years as a QB under Pete/Schotty.

    On one hand, I want Wilson to go all-out and play like every game is a shoot-out (ala 2018 game against the Chiefs) but I also think that's peak QB'ing and there's a lot of risks when you need to match TD-for-TD. Russ' core of players is elevated greatly with him at QB but it also means he can be let down by a dropped pass.

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