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Biggest Winners After the First Preseason Game:

  • Back-up QB

    • Trevone Boykins 12/15 80% 189 Yards 12.6 y/a 1 TD 1 INT 1 Sack 113.2 QBR 4 Rushes 31 Yards 1 TD
    • Austin Davis 7/9 77.8% 108 Yards 12.0 y/a 0 TD 0 INT 1 Sack 116.7 QBR 3 Rushes 18 Yards

    3rd-4th RB

    • Chris Carson 7 Rushes 19 Yards 2 TDs 1 Rec 1 Tgt 3 Yards
    • Mike Davis 8 Rushes 33 Yards 0 TD 1 Rec 1 Tgt 7 Yards
    • Alex Collins 6 Rushes 9 Yards 1 TD 2 Rec 2 Tgts 17 Yards

    3rd-6th WR

    • Kasen Williams 4 Recs 119 Yards 0 TD
    • Paul Richardson 2 Recs 30 Yards 0 TD (Left the game in an arm sling)
    • David Moore 3 Recs 29 Yards 0 TD
    • Tyrone Swoopes Recs 26 Yards
    • Kenny Lawler 2 Recs 7 Yards 1 TD

    Defensive Line - Stats for Defensive Line are hard to qualify because a tackle doesn't always represent the influence from another player or themselves.

    Who stuck out on the defense to you?

  • My biggest winners are:

    Trevone Boykins had nothing but subpar reports coming out of Training Camp and he looked amazing except for a rushed deep throw that got intercepted. He extended the pocket. He didn't rush his throws and went through some progression. He looked like everything you would like to see from your back-up QB.

    I was impresses by a lot of the running backs; the thing that will push me over the edge for any of these guys to get the 4th position (Lacy, Rawls and Prosise are probably cemented as the 1st-3rd RB) is who blocks the best. Your 4th RB will rarely see playing time and if they are so explosive they need to supplant your top-3 but your 4th should excel in pass blocking and special teams. Having three 1-yard rushing TDs is great to see (2 Carson; 1 Collins). You can see by the average ypc is nothing to get excited about but I feel the OL did succeed more than not.

    For the WR position, it has to be Kasen Williams and Paul Richardson who stood out; almost in different ways. Kasen caught 4 big downfield grabs and one took an INT off the board for a down-field completion. Richardson left the game with a shoulder injury and we won't know how this will impact him further. The biggest win for Williams is that he won the 50/50 balls that we saw Kearse grab in the past. He may supplant Kearse as that guy if this play continues.

    From the Defensive side I didn't see a lot out of the secondary; the DL was getting so much good push that it didn't give the Chargers QB a clean pocket to really press them. On the one long TD pass by the Chargers, Tedric Thompson got lost on the coverage and left a WR playing man vs an LB which was a big no-no.

    The interior pressure from Nazir Jones was big. He collapsed the pocket from the DT position and put his hands up to tip a ball that lead to a DL interception. Those were huge plays for the depth of Seattle and will be a great addition down the year.

  • I rarely put too much into the first preseason game, but I must say I was impressed with the general competence of our Oline, but even more that that I liked the overall quality of even our 2-3 stringers. These guys already are looking like a well trained team...excellent!!

  • Good post Sammy.

    I am not much of a believer in the theory of injury prone most of the time (MOST, not all), but Richardson is pushing it, isnt he? Brilliant, brilliant catch and if he can stay healthy he has so much to offer. But an AC sprain means he may miss all 3 remaining preseason games and that would probably just cost him a spot on the roster with the depth they have.

    Kasen Williams obviously was the big star and man does he now look NFL ready for real.

    It was good to see both back up QBs play adequate to well -- after some bad reports and some even saying our back up QB probably isnt on the roster yet.. I think tonight changes that. I would guess they keep Boykin again and have Austin on speed dial in case someone gets hurt.

    I thought Griffin looked the part and expect him to hold on to the job even after Lane comes back, and maybe even Shead. He wasnt perfect but it was preseason game one.

    So, everyone drafting Lacy early in Fantasy Football better take notice.. Rawls started and though the numbers look really similar I think he will likely be the starter moving forward. It ALMOST makes you start wondering if Lacy may move down to "bubble" status. Listening to the coaches they LOVE Carson.. and it might be hard to move on from Collins, though to me he looked the least impressive tonight.

    Need to rewatch it to get a better idea of the O line and D but it was an entertaining game.

  • I agree with all these posts. I think there was a little bit of rust on all the players, but they worked thru it and clearly were looking for a full time job.

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