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#422 Season Finale 1-15-20

  • @sammyc521, @Zeb-Stark, & @Veda-the-Moor talk about the end of the 2019 Seattle Seahawks season. They went 11-5, got the 1st Wild Card Spot, beat the undefeated San Francisco 49ers on primetime, won a wildcard road game and saw two of their players honor with All-Pro's... but the season ended in Green Bay. Join the Cast as we talk about the end of the year and what's next.

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  • Excited that we've extended an invite to a few people and hope theyll be able to join us.

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    Seattle finds themselves home for the playoffs after a road divisional game ends their run. A team that was projected to end up under .500 to finish 2019 found themselves in contention for the #1 seed and the NFC West but fell among the stars for the top Wild Card seed and won a road playoff game. Devastating injury after injury, Seattle found unlikely back-ups to aid them but it took its toll as Seattle 2nd tier depth wasn't enough. While the season is fresh in our minds, we look back at 2019 and look towards 2020. This is the Hawks Cast Podcast brought to you by the Hawks Cast Forum.

    Topic #1 What was the biggest reason for the loss to Green Bay?
    Topic #2 What changes need to be made for this team to get over the Divisional hump?
    Topic #3 Seahawks Twitter What would you like to see in the next Seahawks Head Coach?
    (if there's time) Topic #4 What's next for the 2020 Seattle Seahawks?

    AFC Championship Game
    NFC Championship Game
    Yes/No Clowney Returns?
    Yes/No Reed Returns?
    Yes/No Britt a Cap Casualty?
    Yes/No Russell shines in the ProBowl?
    Before/During Seattle trades their 1st Round Draft Pick

  • Really appreciate Rock Hawk for joining us on the Podcast. It was a pleasure to chat Seahawks with a fine dude.

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