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2019 Season is Over: thoughts and grades

  • So.. ending in a loss all playoff teams do except one.

    How do we feel? How do we grade it ? What are the regrets or memories?

    Honestly, when we lost Josh Gordon, Carson, Penny, Brown, etc all around the same time.. I knew it just wasnt going to work out this year so Im more at peace with this offseason than any other since the Super Bowl we won.

    For grades:

    Quarterback: A-. Dont need to explain this.

    Running Backs: A- . Carson had a great year, but ends on IR again. Penny showed why he was drafted high , whether it was smart for us or not. Arguably losing 3 RBs kind of shows why we did need him..though Homer's success showed maybe we didnt. Do RBs matter?

    TEs: B. Dissley teases us again. Willson was largely hurt. Hollister had some fumbles but I think proved he has game. This should be a position of strength next year.

    WRs: B. Metcalf was a revelation and shamed those like me who initially doubted his ability. Lockett wasnt quite what he was in 2018 (I think that injury in SF probably was more complex than we were led to believe). Gordon was just about to be huge for us when he was suspended. Moore took a step back in usage but it didnt seem to effect his mentality and Malik Turner had a good regular season and we wont talk about his drop in the Division play off game. Upgrade coming? Ursua maybe should have been on the field vs. the Packers.

    😄 C. Joey Hunt did his best with what he has. Britt is probably too expensive next year. This position will be in transition.

    G: C. Iupati was a health risk when signed, and was.. a health risk. Fluker is good at one thing and did it well. Another area that needs attention.

    T: C+. Injuries and uneven play. Ifedi has a horrible rap but had some decent games actually. Will be interesting what they do here.

    DT/NT: C. Disappointing year started early with Reeds suspension, Poona didnt become the ProBowler many thought he would turn into. Suspensions really hurt this group.

    DE: C. Well..after the draft I was optimistic. By September I was supremely confident. JS looked a genius. Anash, Clowney, 1st rounder replace Frank Clark? Cool! Obvsiously, didnt work out. Clowney was active and gave it his all even when hurt but perhaps wasnt used correctly. Hes not the guy to go and beat the LT one on one. He needs chances to use his athleticism.. stunts and other ways to beat the O linemen.. hes not a first step or super swim move guy. He needs the rush scheme to make opportunities he can take advantage of. Joining the team late maybe didnt give the staff the opportunity to do that? Ansah.. use in spitting on a mans grave but he was outrun by a 40 year old McCown in the playoffs so.. Collier was a healthy scratch in the playoffs so..enough said.

    LBs: C. Again..on September 3rd many of us thought we had the best front 7 in football. But Wagner had very few impact plays this year, KJ had a couple great games but wasnt a difference maker. Kendricks was almost a liability. Barton earned playing time and was fine. More was expected here and Im wondering if we extended Wagner right when he started to decline.

    CB: C. Griffin had a bounceback year, Flowers floundered and our Nickelback situation was so bad that we re-schemed to allow our LBs to stay on the field. Griffin was good but needs to become more of a ball hawk as our defense depends on turnovers. WIll Flowers make a jump in his third year?

    SS: B. McDougal was solid and made some plays. Was hampered by the FS position.

    FS: (INC) Give it an incomplete because there is no way way to grade the position for the year. With Diggs in there probably a B or B+. When he wasnt, D. Weve long discussed how this position is the lynch pin of the whole D and this year showed that. With Diggs in and playing well, literally every other position group played better. When it wasnt, the team had to use Tampa 2 coverage or play LBs too deep, and CBs couldnt play aggressive.

    K: B.

    P: B.

    KR: C. It was fine but would be nice to get a big play out of this position again once in a while.

  • Winning one playoff game gives them a B+ to me.

    NFC Championship gets the to A-, A for a Superbowl and A+ for a win.

    This was a severely injured team and still came within one score/one drive of an NFC Championship game.

    There's a lot to work towards but none of them are insurmountable.

  • My grades mirror Sammy's. Veda you did a fantastic job as well. My only difference which isn't surprising is I give Wilson an A. All Pro season, concensus #2 in the MVP race while dealing with a line that was decimated, ranked in the high 20's and led the league in pressure under 2.5 seconds. He also lost possibly his #2 Target in Dissly and his favorite target, Baldwin retired. His season considering all that has been incredible.

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