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The Decline of Star Wars -- an aspect maybe that doesnt get talked about

  • In the 1970s and 1980s John Williams was at the top of his game. A few elitists harp on his music for being derivative, but John Williams has created some of the most instantly recognizable music on the planet.

    But all musicians have their hay days and although they are competent or even "good" after that.. no artist stays elite for 40 years.
    Listening to the score to The Empire Strikes Back the other day it hit me.. its acknowledged by many that the music is so much part of the success of the original trilogy..

    So.. is this another factor, particularly in the newest movies that bring them down? The music is good..but its not super memorable. Perhaps Rey's Theme somewhat is memorable and the sort of intro to the action music ..but this music doesnt really hold up against the original and its not even really constructed the same.

    To what degree would these new movies be better if the soundtracks were as astounding? Its a question that cant be answered, and they have flaws that music cant save...but it just feels like another underrated aspect.

  • I think that the scores from ANH and ESB are so iconic it's almost impossible to compare. I cant recall any music from ROTJ so it's not isolated to just the OG Trilogy.

    I also think that John William's has had success with other franchises that are more recent like Harry Potter but they get baked in help with the score being used several times over with its sequels.

    The brilliance of the first two movies and its score is that the scenes and the music are so connected. You hear just that first few notes and you'll instantly know what you should he seeing. This means when future movies callback to the score you know why.

    I'm not sure if it's the fact that I've seen these movies hundreds of times or that the ANH is the only soundtrack score ive actually bought.

  • Youtube Video

    Maybe you havent heard it as much, but the ROTJ soundtrack is still super iconic.

    2:23 in this song:

    I dont think John Williams is the same composer now as he was..and thats not a shock or taking anything away from him. He will go down as the greatest movie soundtrack composer of all time I believe.

    But him not being able to quite bring it like he did before certainly affects the movies.

    In my opinion anyway.

  • Definitely haven't heard it as much cause I have no clue when this score takes place.

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