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so... Green Bay

  • Im just not scared. They are a good team but I think we are a bad match up for them.

    They want to run and I think we can shut that down. Rodgers 2020 isnt Rodgers 2014.. and if we can take away Adams he has a lack of quality options in the passing game.

    Their D has given up a lot of explosive plays. They play mostly a zone which may limit Wilson's options but may put them in bad situations deep vs Metcalf and Lockett.

  • @Veda-the-Moor it's a good matchup for our offense. They are bear the top of the league in giving up explosive plays and aren't that good against the run. We should do well on offense. I'm a little worried about Jones as well as Rodgers finding the soft spots in our defense. I do think we win though.

  • Monday will snow, but Sunday looks to be sunny and cold in Green Bay. That should be fine..I hope.

  • Don't feel good about this game. Not that I think GB is that amazing of a team but they are 13-3 and got a BYE for a reason.

    Also, we don't have Rodger's kryptonite in Richard Sherman. Maybe Quill Griffin can be that guy but INTs are not his forte link Sherman.

  • I feel you .. but Rodgers wasnt an amazing passer this year. He will get his completions no matter what.. especially with the Seahawks rope a dope style..but its the ground game I worry more about. We are going to need Poona Ford to be what everyone THOUGHT he was going to be in the preseason. With Diggs back McDougald will be in the box a lot so Flowers and Griffin will need to be on their toes.

    Youre right.. they are the 13-3 Packers..and I still havent figured out why I dont feel abou them as I would normally a 13-3 team.

  • Is it wrong to be proud of this team even if they lose in the divisional round? I really think they've exceeded expectations for this season. I feel this team may have cracked open a new championship window for the next couple seasons and to ask them to do more is maybe a bit much to ask.

    This team has definitely raised my expectations for next season. If they go down in the divisional I would be disappointed, I can tell you right now. I think one more John Schneider classic off-seasons and this team becomes elite and heavily favored for a Championship. This season though, at least for me, the cake is made. Everything from here on is sweet, sweet icing.

  • I would be proud of them getting 12 wins and making it to the Divisional round.

    I don't think it's impossible for them to win two more whether that be GB and SF/MINN to make a Superbowl. The injuries are a concern but we had the same injuries and were within 0.5 yard of beating the Niners for a 2nd time.

  • I'm not one who puts much into what we did last year, last month, or last game.

    To me, this team has done better than most folks thought...myself for one. We already have 12 wins!! Who woulda thunk it? To me anything they do at this point is just icing on the cake.

    Sometimes it comes down to who wants it more, who has more heart, who hasn't been laid in months and is mad as hell!! LOL!

  • Im already very proud of this team. Theyve accomplished some amazing things. Playoffs back to back with just one off year.. ouside of New England that doesnt happen much anymore. Teams peak, decay then have to spend time rebuilding before getting back to being a real contender.

    That said.. we all know with Russ' talent he will be talked about with some doubt if he only ever wins one SB. Every year is a chance and I wont be satisfied completely without one this year.

    Next year we have lots of draft picks AND cap space.. so.. we could even manage to make a back to back situation again. Thats where MY eyes are at.

  • 33c7c397-671d-4dbc-8060-7b25a38473e2-image.png

    So it's going to dump snow on Saturday and be sub-freezing temps. I'm not worried about the temp but I'm worried about the snow slowing our guys down.

  • @sammyc521 No worries. Lambeau field is heated.

  • They are getting volunteers to clear the field. It might be heated but it must be limited in how warm it heats it because that field snows over.

  • That's crazy... why does a multibillion dollar franchise need volunteers? Can't they pay people to do that?

  • Well..presumably most of the volunteers are also "stock holders"

  • I also just saw they are paying them $12 an hour to show up at 6AM the day of.

    I love the Seahawks; I could think of so many other manual labor jobs I would do for $12/hr at 6AM but would probably just sleep in.

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